Wednesday, November 26, 2008



there is, on my blog's master dashboard, a little counter that i never pay attention to (not really a number's guy, you know) that has, apparently, been counting off the number of blogs i post and, wouldn't you know it, this is blog no. 499.

in honor of the holiday, i was planning on posting friday's blog tomorrow to wish everyone a happy thanksgiving, so tomorrow's blog will be 500.

it kinda caught me by surprise and i must say, i'm not really prepared. i'd like to thank my agent and my manager, my mom and dad, and, of course, the big man upstairs. i had hoped to put together a nice retrospective montage, with whitney houston's "didn't we almost have it all" playing in the background, as we look back on some of the blog's more memorable moments; the "five for fridays", the announcements of any new perhapanauts books or shwag, and, ummm...

y'know, looking back,
nothing really remarkable...

here's some pictures of cats.

here's a look back at my very first blog.
i still don't know what i'm doing.

Monday, November 28, 2005
be gentle...
hey, gang! todd here.

welcome to our perhapanauts blog!

i'm assuming, of course, that if you're here you've already read
the first issue of our new comic, the perhapanauts, and were pokin'
around looking for more info, background, fun, facts, lies,
recipes, stories, sketches, anecdotes, scoops, and gossip about
your favorite new paranormal comic book team.

well, that's what we wanna do here.
i'll be posting here several times a week with new dirt on the team,
what we've got coming up, and insights into some of the weird stuff
i found out doing research for this crazy book. let me tell you, there
is some really bizarre stuff out there. i hope you'll stop by and check
it out from time to time.

and, until we can get a message board up and running, i guess we
can have some kind of interactionin the comments section below.

as you will prob'ly notice very shortly, i've never done a blog before
so i ask that you be a bit patient with me while i get this thing going.

thanks for checking this out.
and for taking a chance on the perhapanauts.
and for telling your friends. oh yeah, did i say that? no.
please tell all your friends about the perhapanauts too!
we can't keep makin' 'em if we aren't sellin' 'em.

thanks. see ya next time.

be here tomorrow for 500.
we'll be posting some of the very cool covers we have lined up for you as well as some other cool news!
smell ya later!


Christian D. Leaf said...

Nice to see the humble beginnings of the 'Haps blog. I see you mentioned recipes way back then. Will there be a 'Haps cookbook sometime?

Looking forward to seeing the upcoming covers. Hoping Matt's is in the mix. Wanna see that puppy Rico-rized.

Walt said...

I often kick myself when I notice that I passed a milestone on my own blog. I'd like to do something special for the anniversaries, but you need to pay attention, something I tend to suck at. That's why I don't ever have any super spectaculars. Sad now. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Hey Todd,
I'm baaack.
Been really busy and usually read up a couple of days late (2-3 posts at a time.) Love your drawing of Sera.
I agree with you that "TV is ass" when they cancel these shows. (and I know this is from a previous post)
If you can, try and check out something called "Middleman". The season is over & they're on hiatus, but I hope they make a season 2. I won't get into it cause you can read about it elsewhere on the web.

Congrats on 499. Looking forward to 501 more.
If you don't have time for your retro montage, there's always the year's end celebration for that montage.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Heywood Jablomie said...

congrats on the posts achievement todd!

love the cat pix too!

since i'm actually off for the weekend and not able to get online til monday again-here's to a safe and fatteningly happy thanksgiving to everyone!

Brian said...

Wow, 500 blogs. Man, time sure does fly when you are having fun and, you know, I think that we have been having some fun here.

Matt Wieringo said...

Congratulations, Todd! And thanks for the Lolcats. Shazam! Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Damn, I needed that!