Monday, April 27, 2009

birthday(s) and blogs


our first submission in our zombie circus exercise is our pal, nic carcieri (portal comics), who sent this over to me the other day! not only a cool idea, but nice layout and all...

nice one, nic!


craig's birthday was yesterday and, apparently, our own brian mulcahy's birthday was last tuesday, so a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY, you guys!!! hope both events were nice.
brian sent over this card that he received from artist kelly tindale who does the "archie snow" back-ups in proof with our pal, alex grecian. choopie's such a cake-eatin' little bastard. nice work, kelly.


a blog within a blog within a blog...

over on my pal nick taplansky's awakening blog, he linked to our blog and here we're linking back as he also links to the DCBS site where you can order the perhapanauts trade for the ridiculously low price of just $8.99!! (i don't know how that works, but i hope we're not losing even more money...)

so check out nick's awakening blog and check oput the DCBS site--and maybe order yourself an awakening trade with a perhapanauts chaser...?


the answers to the
"five for friday"

1. What is the real name of the X-Men's Storm?

Ororo Munroe

2. What was the name of Dr. Mark Green's daughter on ER?

Rachel (yes, Rachel Green)

3. On 'The Honeymooners', what was the name of the fraternal order to which Ralph and Ed belonged?

The Raccoons

4. What was the one substance that the original Green Lantern's power ring could NOT affect?


5. What is the first name of Peter Falk's Lt. Columbo?


smell ya later!


Matt Wieringo said...

Happy Birthdays, Craig and Brian!

Craig draws a mean zombie, doesn't he?

Heywood Jablomie said...

Happy belated b-day brian!

Man that was a good piece by Nic! I haven't had a chance to work on one but i'm intimidated like woah now!

Brian said...

Nice job Nic and thanks for the birthday wishes guys.

Anonymous said...

Very cool piece, Nic.
A happy belated to Craig & Brian.
Hope you guys had a fine time on your respective days.

portalcomics said...

thanks for the kind remarks fellas! I love any opportunity I get to play with my 'Haps friends!!