Wednesday, April 29, 2009

calvin and choopie and impulse and...


i get my daily fix of calvin and hobbes from and, while i already posted some the other day, i just get a kick out of this storyline when calvin wanted so badly to be a tiger. and hobbes just made it all sound so secretive and exotic.


so i'm showing sharon how to use google images the other night--she uses a computer and email at work, and likes to play the occasional game of zookeeper online, but she doesn't surf at all--and i typed in "choopie," something i, apparently, haven't done in a long time, and found this cute sketch from last year of our little guy by seth wolfshorndl over on his blog at three trees dot com. (
very cool...!


just another reminder, for those of you who have yet to set your clocks ahead for daylight savings time, this saturday--MAY 2nd--is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!! won't you stop by your local comic book store and take a comic book to lunch...?
once again, i'll be at


so this is kinda funny...

yesterday i received a box of the new flash: mercury falling trades from dc. this is always a huge treat for me--i still LOVE comics!--and free stuff!--and free comics!! and i opened one up and sat right down to read it. this trade collects the mercury falling storyline that i did in impulse about 8 years ago with ethan van sciver. there is no doubt that this is being reprinted to capitalize on ethan's ever-rising star and thank you so much for that ethan! : ) while there were moments of confusion due to some clunky storytelling (ethan was just learning his storytelling chops...) and some moments of verbosity due to me just not knowing how to be concise (i was still learning how to edit down my own dialogue...) and some truly cringe-worthy moments of editorial re-writing and tampering (don't get me started...), the book actually read pretty well. and after 8 years, it was all new to me!! well, not ALL new, i kinda remembered what sorta happened, but stephen king says that this is really the coolest part of being a writer; being able to read your own stuff years later and be charmed by it. i was.
now why it's called the flash: mercury falling when the scarlet speedster appears on exactly zero pages in the whole book, is beyond me. well, not really--we all know it's hype.
but it isn't a bad story...


so i gotta scoot--
scott's coming up for a visit this afternoon
and i gotta get goin'!
smell ya later!


Heywood Jablomie said...

and what dc couldn't add to the top of that 'from the writer of the kick ass perhapanauts'? ^_^

Shana Jean said...

I also like that it's from the artist of "Flash Rebirth" when this came out waaaay before that. I'm happy there's more Impulse being collected, in any case. I'm definitely buying it!

Also, I may show up on Free Comic Book day. All depends on if I can get a ride. Living in the middle of nowhere without a car! Fun!

todd said...

hey, shana~!

it'll be great to see ya there--if ya can get there...i'd offer you a ride, but i gotta be there and all...
see ya saturday!

Brian said...

I love the expressin on Choopie's face.

Have a great time at FCBD.

Ethan VS said...

Todd, I was just going to drop you a FACEBOOK comment about this! MERCURY FALLING was something I remembered fondly, it being the first big EVENT storyline I got to be a part of, and since elements of it pertain to what's going on in FLASH: REBIRTH, I thought I'd better let Bob Wayne know that a tpb might be in order! And he got right on it.

And thank goodness he did! I haven't read it in ages, and I was so happy to see that it really holds up as a story. It's got big stakes, it's funny, scary, inspiring, and has a happy/sweet ending. Well done, Todd. I think if people can endure some prehistoric Van Sciver drawings mercifully, they'll be glad they came.

At the time, having had no experience with editorial, I didn't realize some of the frustrations you were having. I didn't recognize them for what they were, and I didn't understand why you had difficulties. This book will serve to document those, at least to people who are in the know. Editors captions abound! I, for one, was glad to know that the doggie was recolored to look like your dog, suddenly!

The best thing was that Joey C and I ended up having a nice chat about you yesterday, and wondered why someone who could effortlessly write something like MERCURY FALLING wasn't writing THE LAST CRISIS EVER WE PROMISE for DC now?

I dunno.

Anyhow, hope you're well, and hello.

-Ethan Van Sciver

Anonymous said...

Man, really want to know how can you be that smart, lol...great read, thanks.

Anonymous said...

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