Wednesday, April 22, 2009

family visit


so we had matt and suzanne (weiringo) up for a visit last week and now i'm kicking myself that i didn't bring the camera with us everywhere we went! we had a great time hangin' out with our 'brother and sister' and were truly sad to see them go. here are the couple pictures i did get;

i like candid shots myself, but this one obviously wasn't candid. spontaneous, yes, but not candid. suzanne certainly had enough time to smile.

so for a second shot i said, "matt, you could smile, y'know?"
and i got this.

oh, well. i guess squeeze can smile enough for the both of them.

go check out matt's blog for more pics of us at the vanderbilt mansion and, most of all, matt's favorite diner!


so i'm bored.
and when i get bored, i usually try to think of something to do. also, i sometimes like to think of stuff to try to get other people to do. not in a manipulative way--in a creative way. like for example, we have some incredibly creative people amongst us here at the perhapa-blog as we have seen in past artwork and story contests. so i'm wondering how many of you would be interested in doing a little exercise...?
back in high school, i had this great student teacher in english, mrs. hines, who encouraged me to write as much as i could. but i would get frustrated because i just didn't have the time to write all of the stories that seemed, at the time, to be bursting out of my head. she offered that i should just write the scenes or passages that i could focus on at the moment and follow them up with notes so that i'd remember the rest of the story later and make way for the next brilliant train of thought that would be screaming into the station next.
that was great advice.
later, in art school, i had a particularly stern graphic arts teacher (whose name escapes me now) who demanded that we all keep a file of art and images that we found interesting, exciting, pleasing. he felt that these images would be both inspiring and defining of the art we wanted to produce and what discipline we would most likely follow. he referred to these files as morgues. which was cool.

so i still have a notebook where i write down the vivid, unstoppable scenes that hit me--usually from out of nowhere--from time to time. and i still keep a morgue--both on the computer and hard copy versions--of pictures and images that just catch my eye and say something to me.
and some of those pictures need a story to go with them...

last october, craig and i went to the very first screaming tiki con in ohio. for the show, we thought we produce another one of our exclusive prints in our perhapanauts one-page series. so craig drew up a picture and i wrote the text to accompany it and it was really a lot of fun!


there's no more to the story than what you see (though i do have an idea of how they initially got to the islands and what was going to happen next...), but there's enough there to give the impression that you're catching just a snippet of a larger, more exciting adventure. at least, i hope you do...

so here's the exercise.
back in the very early days of the haps, craig did up a series of solo plates of each of the characters, putting them in some kind of cool adventure/situation to give an idea of what the perhapanauts were, eventually, gonna be all about. we haven''t done anything with any of these (...yet), but here's molly's for you to play with.
so what do you see? what's the story?

smell ya later!


Heywood Jablomie said...

very nice that you guys got to see each other! looks like a good time was had by all the pix(here and on matt's page).

i like this idea-when would you like them done by and how sent? here or 'e'-d?

Christian D. Leaf said...

Matt doesn't smile in pictures. He's like The Wolf in Pulp Fiction.

Matt Wieringo said...

If you look closely, my second chin is smiling for me.

Scott Weinstein said...

Sounds like you guys had a great visit. I didn't know there was a mini-Biltmore up north. I want to see that sometime. I've been to the Biltmore in NC a couple of times. And that place is amazing. It blows my mind what can be built when there was no income tax and no labor laws.

Brian said...

Glad you guys were able to get together and that you all had a good time.

As I recall, that picture did inspire a letter from a certain someone.

"Dear Perhap-A-Pals, a.k.a. Todd, Craig and Rico,

Just when you think that the whole Zombie thing has been played out, you guys come up with a new twist in Issue No. 21 that will scare the "bejebus" out of any right thinking adult or child . . .


Todd, I don't recall ever mentioning to you what happened to me when my parents took me to the circus for my 7th birthday, but if I did tell you about what is still only referred to in my family as "The Incident," and you wrote "Big Top Terror" anyway, than rest assured that my psychiatric bills will be headed your way, Sir.

Craig, do not think that you are off the hook as those horrific visuals you supplied to Todd's terrible typings have had me sleeping with the lights on for the past week, so expect my four page electric bill to be landing on your door step shortly.

Clowns, in and of themselves are frightening enough, but to make them Zombie Clowns and to then show them tumbling out of their tiny Zombie Clown Car in a sickening cascade of dismembered body parts only to than make me watch in retching horror as they reassemble themselves, slapping mismatched body parts on to each other in a macabre mockery of the macarana was really too much for my mind to take.

And Rico, please know that green USED to be my favorite color, but after seeing what you did with it in this issue, well let's just say that when next we meet, I'll be expecting you to replace the closet of clothing I just had to throw out.

Please forgive any spelling errors in this missive as it is awfully hard to type while keeping a firm grip on the fire ax that I picked up just as soon as I put down this phantasm you call a comic.

Damn you, damn you all to Hades.

Your Pal


P.S. If you are coming over to the house, the secret knock is three quick, two slow and three quick. Make sure you knock really loud, as it is awfully hard for me to hear anything from under my bed.

Anonymous said...

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