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so, another thing that happened while we were away, was the conclusion of lost.
lot of emotion there. yes, on the show, but also amongst the various die-hard fans aka--losties.
i'm a lostie. craig is. scott and rich woodall are. matt is. mike was.

the only person i haven't had a chance to talk to about the ending so far is matt--we need to hash it out and break it down...once he gets back from charlotte. he and scott--and apparently rich--were the guys who were a little concerned, as time went on and the end drew near, that we weren't gonna get answers to many of the lingering questions about the island and the motivations of some of the characters. craig and i were more of the "hey--let's wait and see what happens..." philosophy and sat back to watch it all unfold.

personally, i loved it. yes, there were a lot--A LOT--of questions that were left hanging, the end, they just didn't matter to me anymore.
the joy was in the journey.

so here's the email rich hit craig and i with a day or two later, voicing his concerns--and craig's reply.
and my reply to that.
(don't miss the youtube link at the bottom...)

(from rich)
So, I keep going between I’m ok w/ how Lost ended, and being pissed off… back and forth, I see both sides, for some reason today is a pissed off day here’s why…

Every season except this one has been focused on one major question "what is the island" this season they introduced a new question... "what is the sideways timeline?"

So, if for 6 years I'm telling you you're going to win this awesome prize, and every week for 6 years I tease you with the prize... oh, you really want that prize now don't you... next week I'll give you a clue... oh hey, here's that clue, it's black! Oh, now you want to know what that prize is even more! Here's another clue... after all you've been waiting a year now for this clue: "it's really fast!" speculation flies!!! Is it a car, a jet, maybe a space ship... Here are some more clues... you can travel really really far with it.. "OH MAN!!! I think it's a rocket ship!!!" Here's another clue... it has something to do with Greek Mythology.... "OH MAN, IT'S TOTALLY A ROCKET, CAUSE ALL THE NASA MISSIONS HAVE TO DO WITH GREEK GODS AND STUFF!!! OR IT COULD BE... BLA BLA BLA, SPECULATION SPECULATION SPECULATION" Hey guys, it's the final year of the contest!!! You guys Excited? "YEAH!!! Could be a Rocket!!! Woo Hooo!!!" Oh, hey by the way, in addition to that super cool prize we've been hinting at the last 6 years, they're also a little prize... here's a clue "it's little and round.." "Oh, cool, a 2nd prize, that's great! Maybe it's a ball or something... little and round... what could that be? Hmm... don’t' know, but I can't wait to find out if it's a Rocket or not!!!!" Hey guys, another clue about the big prize... we're getting close now hu? Yeah! Hey, here's the clue... you can travel through time with it!!! "NO SHIT!!! OMG, WHAT COULD IT BE, YOU CAN ACTUALLY TRAVEL THROUGH TIME W/ THIS THING? HOLY SHIT!!!" Oh, and not only that, that other thing, it's brown and yellow... "oh, cool, it's brown and yellow... little... round... hmmm... maybe a bee? Wow time travel... cool!!!"

Guys... here we are... last show, we're totally going to tell you what that big thing is, we swear "TIME TRAVELING ROCKET!!! SWEET!!!!" yeah... you guys ready... only 2.5 hours til you find out what the prize is!!! YEAH, let's go!!!!

2.25 hours later "And now, you've been waiting 6 years to find out what the prize is... it's a... HEY LOOK... THERE'S THAT OTHER THING... IT'S A PIECE OF SHIT! Oh,time's up! Bye!"


(from craig)
wait, so you REALLY don't think they answered what the island is...?

it's an island. one that is connected to the "light" (a spark of which resides in every living person) and that light needs a guardian to protect it. a guardian who can live for millennia and has the power to protect the light and set the "rules" of the island in order to protect it (and move the island and cloak it from outsiders who want to take the light... )

the black smoke is evil. personified by the man in black (and then locke) , the evil was released when the MIB went into the light (we know it was bad to enter that light because we were told it was by the previous guardian).

is there some mysticism and magic ... sure. did they explain it away with midiclorians? thankfully, no.

now, you may not LIKE it and wish it was something else, but it's pretty clear that was the intent.

and really, the story was not about the island, but the redemption of the characters who were "lost" figuratively and literally.

(my reply)

perfect, c.~!
i couldn't have said it better.
no one could.

i was very happy with it all and, though sad it's over, agree that, like life, the story is the journey. what an awesome journey... i will sorely miss those wonderful characters, and while i agree that there has never been a tv show like it before--and i don't think there will ever be one just like it--i think that lost and it's creators have set a very high bar that imaginative minds in the future will strive to attain. i think that lost was a gift. and that it will only inspire those who come after to captivate and entrance us in the same way.
i hope.

so, wait...what's the greek rocket...?

rich wanted me to add this...

that's it!
have a great weekend!
if you're at heroescon,
have a great convention!
smell ya later~!


Rich Woodall said...

Thanks for posting that unedited Todd! :)

I'm still worked up about this, and still going back and forth between being content and totally angry.

Sorry to anyone reading my rant, the way it's written, you'd think I'm living in a shack in NH building bombs or something... geez... what a freak!

todd said...

sorry, rich~

i suppose i should have edited it or at least made a note to let everyone know what a true gentleman you are and how you never talk this way in actual conversation and that you only included such words and phrases to illustrate your frustration regarding this matter.

please know that were rich to actually have to use one of these words during a conversation, as part a joke or story he was relating, he would, in fact, turn as red's costume.

the red part.

Brian said...

I for one was happy with the ending of Lost as that scene in the church, regardless of where and when they were, was exactly what I was hoping to see.

My real disappointment is that Penny's new show got cancelled.