Wednesday, June 30, 2010



if i was born with any innate traits or genetic gifts at birth, the one thing that i'd have to say--and would have to thank my mother for--is that i was born with good english. : )
as was my mom. just this natural ability to spell words, construct sentences and paragraphs, to know when something is grammatically correct. or, more likely, incorrect. i love to read. i love to write. i love how it's all put together.
though i still have my dictionary right here next to my desk at all times, i have to admit that, should i find the need to actually look up a word or grab a synonym that is somehow escaping me, i'll just as soon throw it into google and go to either merriam-webster or it's faster and when i'm on a roll, in the passionate and/or frantic throes of writing, swiftness counts.
this is really a long build-up to explain how i sometimes stumble across things that are weird and i wonder, "how the hell did i find that?" i found this that way.

i was writing the text for the awesome cool perhapanauts/baltimore comiccon exclusive one-sheet (featuring the maryland goat man) and was pretty sure that there was a word--though i couldn't access it at the time--for the opposite of avert (or averted, as in, "he averted his eyes.") couldn't find it but was somehow linked to "inverted" and then to "inverted eyes" and there was a link for images of inverted eyes and look at this creepy stuff...

apparently, with the help of photoshop, "inverting" someone's face results in some of the most disturbing pictures you'd wanna see. really, they're just flipping the eyes and mouth of the unlucky subject and creating this unsettling look! yikes! these are the creatures from my nightmares, the demonic population of some of my most terrifying dreams! they look somewhat like the horrific entities that are stalking tim robbins in jacob's ladder, though there you only get glimpses of them. they look like twisted images from funhouse mirrors in hell.
no. you know what they look like...?
remember those bizarre, british, caricatures-come-to-life puppets that genesis used back in the 80s in the land of confusion video...?

these things freak me out.

check out some more inverted celebs at


for those of you who are big fans of web comics,
here's a brand new offering from our friend,
denver brubaker--tales of a checkered man!

check it out!
(get it...? "check"...)

gotta go--these squaddies ain't writin' themselves.
smell ya later~!


Brian said...

Freaky indeed.

Speaking of the Squaddies, Iron Man, Thor and Cap will be heading to a Christmas Tree near you this year as they will be part of the 2010 Hallmark ornament line up.

I'll be sure to "check" out the Checkered Man.

Rich Woodall said...

All your fancy English still ain't taught you to hit the shift key for a capital letter. :)

Matt Wieringo said...

Yeah, those are naaaasty! If you want to see something else weird, try taking a straight-on shot of someone into Photoshop, deleting one side of the face and mirroring the remaining side. I saw an image similarly treated on a movie poster and it was very disturbing but not immediately evident why. It took me a while to realize the face was symmetrical as faces really aren't.

Denver Brubaker said...

Thanks for the plug Todd!


Brian Pillow said...

Wow... those creeped me the hell out, and now I cannot finish my breakfast. I am also thrilled/depressed to hear of the Baltimore Con Exclusive one-sheet. The depression stems from the strong chance that I will not be able to attend Baltimore this year :(.... Perhaps you could send me one with all those TPBs I asked for in your status message a couple weeks ago LOL!