Friday, June 11, 2010

sparkle paints and hulk-crazy!


when i was 5, i had these super-cool sparkle paints...

they were just...awesome! you got five different sparkly paints that were kinda thick and pasty...and you'd get to paint your favorite marvel characters and make them look even awesome-cooler!

i know i was five, 'cause i'd just gotten my tonsils out.
whaddaya mean, ya don't believe me...?!
look--here's pictures of me with it!

here's me and my dad working on captain america!

...and me and my grandpa giving thor some sparkle!

see...i told ya i had them...!


lately, i've been going a little hulk-crazy.

i think it's 'cause i'm having so much fun with him as the 'joey' in the super hero squad and it's made me appreciate the character even more! also, i've been doing some research to find just the right goofy old marvel villains to pit the squaddies up against and the hulk has an amazing number of just wacky, off-the-wall badddies to choose from! some of them were just ridiculous and I CAN'T WAIT TO USE THEM! (look out toad men!!)

so i've been very hulk-focused, buying some back issues offa ebay, reading the john byrne run of both incredible hulk and his (hilarious!!!) she-hulk run(s)--truly, john byrne is not only a comics legend, but a treasure--these she-hulks are just pure comics candy! thank you, byrnsie!--and i even checked out the hulk movie--the latest one--which i had given a pass to. mostly, 'cause i'd seen the 2002 ang lee version and was less-than-impressed with that. but, on matt's recommendation, i dvr'd the newest ed norton version and MAN, was that good!! i loved it! if, like me, you let it get by 'cause you were disappointed with the first try, check this out!

so, i'm a little hulk-crazy these days...
what kinda craZy are you?

smell ya later~!


Matt Wieringo said...

Let's not forget the Bi-Beast (and I'm not talking about a lycanthropic Elton John), Psyklop and the Cobalt Man. Great stuff! I'm ALWAYS a little Hulk-crazy. Loved those Buscema/Staton issues.

I'm just coming down from a Planet of the Apes high, having watched the movies in order, starting with ESCAPE. (Kinda neat that way.)

As for comics, I'm on a month-long Thor kick, thanks to Christian asking me to draw a picture of the guy for his daughter. Which reminds me...gotta do that.

JWA said...

Well these days, I'm pretty much Deadpool-crazy!!!

No you're not!

Yes, I am!

I think you're both crazy...

Enough head voices!!! You stay in the head!!! You don't get to write!!!

Oh yeah???


Ease up, he's had enough, let's go meet up with some alternate-demension versions of ourself, kill some zombies and watch some Golden Girls.

I'm SO down with that!

What's HAPPENING!?!?!?!?!?!?!

R.I.P. Rue McClanahan

Warren said...

I'm Legion of Super Heroes-crazy, I guess. It's always been my favorite super-team, and even though Paul Levitz wasn't my favorite Legion writer (either Mr. Waid or Mr. Shooter would get that honor), the first issues of the new series (serieses?) are really good. I'm hyped up for more.

And speaking of crazy, I'm watching Rambo: First Blood on AMC right now. I know there were sequels, but they were nothing like this movie. First Blood is a masterpiece. Sly does the whole movie with only three expressions -- crazy, angry, and crazy-angry. Awesome!

Heywood Jablomie said...

Man great pix of lil toddy! Gotta say I def never heard of those paints, but I'm sure they were cool for the time!

Haven't read too much old Hulk, most of my like were during the David/Keown years. Man I LOVED the way Keown drew the hulk. So my knowledge of his Rogues Gallery is limited. I keep meaning to pick up the essentials, just never got around to it.

My latest crazes were a weekend long marathon of Jericho(I talked briefly about it to you) which I'm itching to dive into again, and the original New Warriors run. Only have to issue 30 but loved it back in the day and still find it fun. Oh yeah and there's still an obsession with Wasteland just waiting for more volumes to come out.

Brian said...

I'm on a Tomb of Dracula kick these days, but I always have time to squeeze in a little Super Hero Squad.

Reading issue 8, Todd, I couldn't help but picture you sitting at your keyboard and smiling away as you came up with the Squaddies Band.

Fun stuff.

Cooper said...

My back issue bin quest from Heroes Con this year was old WEREWOLF BY NIGHTs...Mmmmmmm, furry goodness...

Cooper said...

Oh...and as far as old Hulk baddies...The Inheritor...(I think that was his name)...turned out to be a cockroach, I think. Gotta' be comedic possibilities in a mutant cockroach! I always remember the single issue about Pariah (not sure if that was the thing's name or just the title of the issue)...But it's not funny, it actually was kinda' chilling and scary. And you can never go wrong with Zzzax (unless you're trying to get the right number of z's and x's in his name...'cause then yer probably wrong).