Wednesday, July 14, 2010

FCCR! the first class comic review!


so let's say that you're a couple of ambitious and enthusiastic young girls who want to let the world know that the next generation of comics book readers is alive and well and thriving in the UK! what do you do? well, if you're ellie and lily egleton you put together and put out a bi-monthly comic magazine called FIRST CLASS COMIC REVIEW and you use your exceptional talents and skills to contact and interview some of your favorite (or should that be 'favourite'...?) writers and artists in the industry, some of the top names in comics!
oh, and me...

about a month ago, i was delighted--and honored--to be contacted by these two young ladies and chosen to be their very first interview! their love of the super hero squad--and the figures--put us all on the same page immediately. they were very quick and professional when they sent their email interview and their questions were both fun and insightful and put me at ease instantly--though i was a bit anxious that we might have a problem somewhere along the way with the language barrier...

since then, we have been in regular contact as ellie has let me know how the publication of their first issue has been progressing and i am very pleased and excited to announce that first class comic review #1 is officially on the stands!

the girls, ellie, 14 and lily, 8, got the idea for FCCR when they realized that the UK didn't have a magazine that really covered the things that they were interested in; comics, manga, toys. and so, with some guidance from their dad, tim, and a little help from their friends, arun, abi, beth and kieran, they forged ahead to produce a full-color newsletter/magazine of their own--FCCR!

the first issue features an interview with marvel writer fred van lente and is available now! FCCR #1 also includes a sneak peek at fred's shadowland powerman as well as a manga and toy review!

the second issue features an interview with marvel super hero squad scribe, me!

check out more on FCCR--the first class comic review at;

and here are some other links you might want to check out!

Hi Todd. We just made a lot of FCCR sites and these are the links.Thanks for putting them on yours, it should help us getting fans and hopeful readers of the magazine when it comes out!!/group.php?gid=126702280690709&ref=mf

Thanks Again, it's been a real pleasure :)

Hi Todd,
Guess what hit comic book stores shelves today, FCCR #1! It's finally out and we are putting it on ebay shortly.
We are going to mail you a copy on monday :)
Thank-You for all your help,
Ellie and Lily

Hi Todd,
We are going to post you a copy of issue 1 tommorow!
We just set up our new site, here is the link if you could please put it on yours.

Would you like us to put a link to your site too?

(as i told ellie, i wish i knew how to put up a link to other sites on the perhapa-blog...)

best of luck with the publication, girls!
and thank you for a wonderful interview!


the other day i mentioned a poster i had when i was a kid that i have been looking all over for that featured a picture of a train wreck.
these are not it.

happy wednesday!
smell ya later!


Brian said...

Man, I wish I had my act as together as Lily and Ellie do when I was their age.

Congratulations girls.

Warren said...

This is great! I wish those girls the best on this endeavor.

Heywood Jablomie said...

wow! fantastic to hear the passion they have for this, and that they're women.

congrats indeed!

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