Friday, December 24, 2010

christmas eve~!


so, the way i'm picturing it is that you are finally off today for christmas eve, maybe sleeping in a bit, taking it slow, stay in your jammies a little later, an extra cup of coffee. or maybe you're running out, racing to pick up that last elusive gift, fight all the other last minute shoppers, get it home and wrap it and tuck it under the tree...

whatever you're doing, i wish you and yours a very merry christmas!

so here are some fun pics and stuff to go with your christmas eve...


first off, as promised, our good friend lauren monardo made me laugh out loud (for reals!), as she usually does, with this choopie sketch that she included in her christmas card this year! lauren has a killer sense of humor and an art style that makes it pop every time! i love it!

i have always wanted to make perhapanauts christmas cards and i always think of it too late in the season. seeing lauren's card made me realize that maybe we should have a "perhapanauts christmas card contest" next year and give everyone a chance to show their holiday haps ideas! someone remind me next year...

thanks, lauren! as always, you are awesome!


i love that each year there seem to be more scared of santa photos floating around on the net, as well as a new book called, natuarally, scared of santa collecting a lot of the classics and some great new ones.
here are some new ones that i hadn't seen before...

i call this one, "wait for it...."

it's not santa,
that kid hates that elf costume.

vintage scared.

the howler.

"ho! ho! ho! you're a big boy now, billy. you're not scared of santa anymore, are you?"

scaredy cat.


Christmas Edition

1. in the original miracle on 34th street, what future willy wonka & the chocolate factory and chico and the man star plays a bit part as the sorter at the post office?

2. in how the grinch stole christmas, what is the name of the littlest who who the grinch lies to?

3. what's the name of the town george bailey lives in in it's a wonderful life?

4. what are the names of ralphie's two best friends in a christmas story and which one gets his tongue stuck to the flagpole?

5. what is the name of the winter warlock's brother?

6. what is the name of the elf who would really like to be a dentist in rudolph the red-nosed reindeer?

7. who is the narrator of the animated special frosty the snowman?

8. what were the three gifts that the wise men brought to the baby jesus?

9. in the movie elf, how does buddy answer the phone? "buddy the elf, what's your _________ ________?"

10. in the popular christmas song, "all i want for christmas is __________________?"

merry, merry, everyone~!
have a wonderful christmas!
smell ya later~!


Anonymous said...

Hi, Todd!
Just want to wish you a Very Merry Christmas, and a Wonderful New Year!!
And I also want to say... thanks, for taking the time to write this blog, for sharing your talents with us!
May God bless you always.

Brian said...

And why shouldn't they be afraid. He dresses all in red, we know who is associated with that color, he comes into your house through the FIRE place, we know who likes fire, and just rearrange the letters and Santa becomes . . . SATAN.

On to the Christmas Ten.

1. I can picture him, but I cannot remember his name. Jack something.

2. Cindy Loo Who, who was only Two.

3. Bedford Falls

4. Not Burt and Ernie

5. Heat Mizer

6. Herbie who, judging by his round ears, was adopted like Buddy the Elf.

7. The legendary Jimmy Durante.

8. Gold, Frankincence and Myrrh

9. Favorite Candy?

10. "Two Front Teeth" or "You" if you are a Mariah Carey fan

Merry Christmas and God Bless Us Everyone.

Alisa B said...

Merry Christmas Todd!! and a happy and prosperous New Year!

Colin said...

4. Flick (who got triple dog dared to stick his tongue to the pole) and Schwartz (who Ralphie fingered for teaching him the f-word)