Friday, December 31, 2010

new year's eve~!


a month or so ago i introduced you to and posted the wonderful artwork of the very talented eric henson (whom i will from here on in refer to as "our own" eric henson as he is doing a fantastic job on a perhapanauts story for us that i just can't wait for y'all to see...) through emails and such eric and i have gotten to know one another fairly well and he was kind enough to share with me this gorgeous commission he did for a friend. and then told me that it was okay to share it with you.
eric told me that his friend originally wanted something akin to the cover to friendly neighborhood spider-man #1--but with some villains thrown in for added flavor. i know you dig it the most!

colors:steve downer

and here's eric's hulk that i thought i posted a week or so ago, but with the holidays, guess i forgot...

thanks, eric~!


over christmas dinner, my brother and i were reminiscing about our childhood christmases and our favorite christmas presents. we both went to the year that we got our first wheels--well, maybe not the first wheels, but the biggest!

i'd asked santa for this krazy kar when i was about 8...?

and jeff got this big wheel that same year...

they were great, they were cool, they were lots of fun...separately...

but it wasn't long before we realized that if we each had three of our friends behind us pushing us at speeds that rivaled that of a 10 year old on a regular bike, we could stage some of the coolest crack-ups our block had ever seen!! we created our own smash-up derby and, without helmets or gloves or seat belts or air bags or any of that safety crap, slammed these things--and ourselves!!--and our friends!!--into one another at an alarming rate, leaving us all laying in a pile of giggling kids and plastic the likes of which has not been seen in many a year.
it's one of those things i hope they have in heaven.


and speaking of christmas, here's our perhapa-pal, brien powell, sporting his coolest christmas present (well, i think so anyway...)

and here is my own handsome perhapa-partner modeling his christmas present, an early prototype for our upcoming line of awesome perhapa-gear!
watch this blog for future announcements!

and, honestly, i don't know what the hell this is.

to all, say goodbye to 2010~
have a fun and happy new year!
smell ya in 2011~!


Brian said...

Very cool Spidey Commission and who would not want to start the new year under a Per-Hat-anaut that the very handsome male model Rousseau - that's right, he is famous enough to go by one name - was kind enough to model for the faithful fans here.

Out with the old, in with the new and a Very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year to all.

Warren said...

Happy New Year, Todd! And my son saw you at a con up yonder in the part of NY where ya'll live and got me a Big tee that he saved for my birthday (which was this week). It is indeed a cool gift. :)

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