Wednesday, December 15, 2010

i've never really met him...


a few months back, i shifted gears here on what i consider to be a usually positive and complimentary blog to express my abject dislike of a few commercials that were in rotation at the time. actually, just one commercial; the snippy, sarcastic, supposed-to-be-too-hip-for-his-own-good david spade singing the praises of mountain dew. hey, david~! lose the condescendingly snarky bit--it doesn't look good on you anymore. apparently, there were a lot of people who didn't dew that commercial, 'cause it was taken out of rotation rather quickly and replaced with a slightly more positive version, but that horse had already left the gate.

i said at the time that i'd mention the other ads that were rubbing me the wrong way, but decided to skip that 'cause i don't like being negative. there are lots of good commercials out there that i would rather focus on. (for those of you who are still dying to know which spots urk me, i've made a secret list of them at the bottom of this post. shh. don't tell.)

as for good commercials, i have seen it probably 10 or 11 times now and i still laugh out loud (really!) at the kevin bacon kevin bacon logitech commercial. he is so good and it is so funny and there is the feeling that he is having so much fun that you can't help but laugh. i can't anyway. and if you don't, well, then, you're an idiot.

i aslo like the commercial for i don't know what it's for but it's the russian guy with all the phones..."my name is peggy." that guy plays it so well, the attitude and the wild-eyed excitement.
and anything for victoria's secret.

how 'bout you? what are your current favs?
lemme know.


here are a few more random items that i found and thought i'd share.

i'll admit that i hadn't been at all impressed with any of the photos and trailers that i'd seen for thor so far and felt bad because i couldn't match matt's enthusiasm.
until now...
when matt sent me this photo taken from the actual film, i knew that this is one epic i cannot miss. i will gladly plop down my $8.50 to see anthony hopkin's one-eyed odin talking with a one-eyed dog in a lobster costume! i can't wait!
oh, and yes, that new trailer does look good...


this is genius.

and some incredible nature.

how ya doin' with that christmas shopping?
and the cards?
have a great day!
smell ya later!


other commercials that i find irritating

~ that kit kat give me a break one where they create the song out of the cracks and crunches of people breaking their kit kat bars...who thought this was a good idea? it's not. stop it.

~ played mostly on cable networks like gsn and late night comedy central, have you seen the one for the smokeless cigarettes? with these elegantly-dressed, pretentious actors extolling the virtues of these rechargeable, blue-tipped, plastic tubes like they were the greatest development in modern science since the artificial heart? "it's just water vapor." "this is the real thing, my friend." i never wanted to punch a guy on tv so much.

~to be continued...


Brian said...

Hard to come up with a good commercial other than the Kevin Bacon one as I don't watch too much live TVthese days, so I only see commercials as I fast forward through them on the DVR.

I do get a kick out of the T-Mobile myTouch 4G "New Ride" commercial because the pink and white leather biker outfit the cute brunette is wearing looks a lot like Saturn Girl's costume.

Matt Wieringo said...

HA! Brian, I thought the same thing!

I like the Katie Perry zit-cream commercial.'s Katie Perry. And I may be biased but I love our GEICO spot with the pig (Maxwell) going "wheeeeee!" all the way home.

THOR is gonna rock. Admit it. When the Destroyer showed up, I wet my pants. Laws!

Warren said...

I love the Geico woodchucks chucking wood. And I love the pig going weeeeee all the way home too.

And there are some commercials that I have no idea what the product is, but I lerrrve the songs they use in them. Like this song is in a Starbucks(I think...) commercial: