Monday, December 27, 2010

the day after the day after christmas~!


we have a local radio station that, each year, in the weeks leading up to christmas, dedicate themselves entirely to christmas music, non-stop/around the clock. usually i'm not really ready for the carols to start until right after thanksgiving, but when my nephew told me that they were on back during the week after halloween, i didn't complain--i was ready to get into the spirit.
what gets me though is how quickly the station and stores all want it to be over. it's like, christmas night, at 12 o'clock, there's no sign of christmas anymore at all. wham. done. cold turkey.
hey, brother--i was main-linin' that.
ease me off that stuff.

to keep a little christmas around for another day or so, here's the delightful christmas card that i got for our pal down under, matt pott! i love matt's stuff ( see for yourself at ) and his christmas cards are always a treat!
thanks, matt!

well, we are getting socked with an awesome blizzard that has the wind howling so loud out there you have to raise your voice to talk over it and blowing the 14 or so inches of snow we've gotten so far into some staggering snowdrifts--i'd take pictures, but all you'd see is white. i just came in from several hours of shoveling and hauling in firewood and it's nice to be in and warm.

christmas in our house was very nice this year. sharon and i made the usual trek between families having a mid-day christmas dinner with her family and spending the evening with mine. we were running around so much that we didn't get to exchange presents with each other until late christmas night. but that's okay--it was all very nice.

my two cool comic related presents came from brother matt--who, as usual spent way too much. one was the hallmark super hero squad ornament that sold out in the stores around here (maybe that will show marvel how popular they are and bring the comic book back...?)

and the incredibly awesome FIN FANG FOOM bust that matt noticed i spent too much time admiring at his favorite comic shop when we visited last october. matt, you shouldn't have...but it's so friggin' cool!!

and here are the
answers to the
Christmas Edition

1. in the original miracle on 34th street, what future willy wonka & the chocolate factory and chico and the man star plays a bit part as the sorter at the post office?

jack albertson

2. in how the grinch stole christmas, what is the name of the littlest who who the grinch lies to?

cindy lou who, who was no more than two

3. what's the name of the town george bailey lives in in it's a wonderful life?

bedford falls

4. what are the names of ralphie's two best friends in a christmas story and which one gets his tongue stuck to the flagpole?

flick and schwartz

5. what is the name of the winter warlock's brother?

aha! trick question! the winter warlock didn't have a brother, that was snow miser. (and his brother was heat miser...)

6. what is the name of the elf who would really like to be a dentist in rudolph the red-nosed reindeer?


7. who is the narrator of the animated special frosty the snowman?

jimmy durante

8. what were the three gifts that the wise men brought to the baby jesus?

gold, frankincense, and myrrh

9. in the movie elf, how does buddy answer the phone? "buddy the elf, what's your _________ ________?"

favorite color

10. in the popular christmas song, "all i want for christmas is __________________?"

my two front teeth or you

gotta go shovel some more--
smell ya later~!


Matt Wieringo said...

Merry Christmas, Todd! Those presents were our pleasure. I love giving gifts when I know it's something the person really wants.

Since I spent Christmas alone with the cats, I've yet to open my presents but I did open yours and thank you so much for the book. I started reading it last night. I remember some of those stories but it's good to see them all in one place and have the gaps filled in. And you're right. That's some nice art. Thanks again!

Heywood Jablomie said...

holy crap you were able to get that ornament-awesome!!!

and that bust is frikkin bad ass!

i've been trying to work on digging myself out since all day yesterday. the wind's been too much here to get anything done though. and the drifts are insane!!

Brian said...

I love that card. Thanks for sharing, Todd.

The wind is still howling here as well, but I was able to get myself dug out - we got a little over a foot - and off to work this morning.

Great gifts Matt. At this stage of life, I much more enjoy giving a great gift than getting one.

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