Wednesday, January 26, 2011

no.15 and NICK CARDY: The Artist at War


well, first up, thanks so much, everybody, for stepping up and adding your funny, warm, and insightful comments on the other day's post on "life before cell phones"--and especially to eric henson who went at them one by one, giving his own personal take on days gone by.

alison felt we needed a number 15 and said;

"That's #15--No common usage of wet wipes (did they even exist outside of Kentucky Fried Chicken?). Moms just spit on whatever was handy and cleaned your face with it before getting out of the car. (What? Oh? That was only my mom? MOOOOOMMMMM!)"

and my pal, jim, wrote;

" Todd- It's funny, but I was thinking about these very changes just the other day. But I approached the subject from the point of view that our generation has seen some miraculous changes during our lifetimes. We should more thoroughly appreciate these improvements because we've experienced the before and after. Just think, we now have Kirby's Mother Boxes, in the form of our smart phones. I thinks it's been a wild a glorious ride so far. Jim"


wanna take a look at a really great book?

since last spring, publisher/promoter/manager, head honcho at little eva ink! and queen of all she surveys, renee witterstaeter
and nick (and, to some small degree, me) have been putting together a book of my pal, nick cardy's sketches and artwork during his time in WWII. renee did a phenomenal job of designing and laying out the book and nick supplied notes and commentary that follow his sometimes funny, sometimes terrifying tour of duty in war-torn europe.

you will want this book.

check out this link for more illustrations and for an informative interview with nick.


a couple of (uncredited) photos i found on monday morning randomness over at

i don't know what this thing is or where it comes from, but it's cool and crypt-y looking all at the same time!
(i hope it's not some leech-y thing or parasite though. it's not pretty enough for me to let it suck my blood.)

an this is just...

have a great wednesday!
smell ya later!


Brian said...

The book looks great. I see there is a sketched edition. Are the sketches WWII themed?

Matt Wieringo said...

"Will want?" I want it NOW! Can't wait!

And look at Nick! He looks like Errol Flynn. Except cooler.

Warren said...

That blue critter is a Blue Dragon, a type of sea slug.

Nick's book looks beautiful. He's a real legend and I'm glad he's getting recognized for his contributions not only to the comic book art form, but also to our country.