Friday, February 18, 2011

The Ladies of FCCR! An Interview with Ellie and Lily Egleton~!


as any loyal reader of this blog knows, i am a loyal reader of a magazine called the First Class Comic Review, a comics related publication that primarily covers the oft-ignored all-ages comics that i like to think of as FUN comics~! FCCR's creators/editors/prime reporters are sisters Lily and Ellie Egleton and i thought, as they did such a keen job of interviewing me, i might turn the tables and interview them.
here is that interview.

1. As a point of departure, could you please tell me your names, ages, and if you like your sister or not?

Lily: My name is Lily Egleton, I am Nine years old and I love my sister very dearly. She’s my best ever friend. J
Ellie: Hi, my name is Ellie Egleton and I am 15! Lily is a great little sister, she’s fun to play squad with and talk to about anything! Lil’s my sister and my best friend!

2. You both seem to have a very deep love for comics; what drew you to the world of superheroes?

Lily: I love comics because when I was a baby my Daddy read me lots and lots of old comics and I started to like them more and more!
Ellie: Like Lily said, Dad is the one that got us into comics. He read them to us for bedtime stories until I was old enough to read them on my own. I also enjoyed watching superhero cartoons on the TV, especially Batman Adventures and the 90’s Spider-Man and X-Men cartoons, I would play with the action figures and get stickers of my favourite heroes to stick into my little sticker book. Things like that really did get me into the comic world!

3. You are probably the youngest journalists I've ever met. What inspired you to want to write about comics and produce a magazine like First Class Comic Review?

Lily and Ellie : One day when we went to our local comic shop, Ace Comics in Richmond, Surrey, we were talking to Guy and Richard, who run the shop, about how there wasn‘t a UK comic magazine. When we all got home Dad said why don’t we do one…so we did!

4. Though you both have quite a few stories and interviews under your belts by this time, who are some of the other writers on your staff? How did you meet them?

Lily: I met the other staff because Ellie knew them from school. She became very good friends with them and we decided to ask them if they would like to help us with FCCR and they did! J
Ellie: We have Abi Penhryn-Lowe and Beth Vince who write and draw for the Manga Corner, who I met in my early days of Secondary School and immediately became good friends with the two. Kieran Pereira our Tech Guy who writes the Tech Corner, who I’m friends with because I used to sit next to him in French and Spanish in Year 8 and then we have Arun Kakar who we got to know at Free Comic Book Day last year and since then we’ve been going to comic cons and comic shops all around London together!

5. Your magazine is in direct competition with publications like Wizard. How is FCCR different than Wizard?

Lily: I think FCCR is very different because Wizard focuses more on films and T.V. Wizard also have a different style of setting all their work out. FCCR is done by much younger writers and Wizard is a bit more adult!
Ellie: I think one of the big differences between the two magazines is that Wizard is far more established and well known than we are as it has been printing for years now and is also well advertised when we’re only in a few UK shops. Soon though, the biggest difference will be that Wizard will only be in available to read in a digital format and FCCR will remain in printed copies.

6. So far, what is your favorite article/interview you've written?

Lily: My favourite article I’ve written is the Tiny Titans Character Page in First Class Comic Review #4, because I love Tiny Titans! My favourite interview would be the one me and Ellie did together which was the one with you in FCCR #2 because it was fun and our first ever one! J
Ellie: I think my favourite article I have written would be the Marvel and DC Key Characters A-Z because I learnt a lot about characters that I hardly knew anything about. It was also fun thinking about characters beginning with A, B, C, D and so on! My favourite interview I have done was the same as Lily’s because it was great to do our first interview and it was great to build up a friendship with you, Todd! I also enjoyed Chris Giarrusso’s interview in FCCR #4 because of mine and Lily’s love for Mini Marvels!

7. Now that you have tasted the life of the journalist, do you think that this might be a career you would pursue in the future?

Lily: Yes Todd, I would love to have this career and write and draw comics when I’m older! J
Ellie: Now that I have done FCCR, I think I would defiantly want a career in the comic world…hopefully writing Batman or the X-Men!

8. Who is your favorite comic book character? ...and what is your favorite single comic book?

Lily: My favourite comic book character is the Black Cat because when I was very young (A baby) my Dad read me the old Peter Parker, Spectacular Spider-Man comics and I grew to like Black Cat because of her relationship with Spidey. My favourite single comic is Tiny Titans #33 ‘The all Robin issue’ because I just love Robin! I also love the Super Hero Squad Halloween Special, issue number 10, mostly because of the X-Men dressed up as the Wizard of Oz characters. J
Ellie: My favourite character has to be Jean Grey because when I was little I watched the 90’s X-Men video with the Dark Phoenix Saga on so from there Mum and Dad bought me the Marvel Legends green phoenix costumed Jean Grey toy for Christmas, which since then has been my favourite toy! Coming in really close though is Harley Quinn because as I said before I used to watch the Batman Adventures cartoons and as soon as the episode, Harley and Ivy came on I was hooked! Now my favourite single comic is a tough one…but I think I’ll have to go with X-Men Origins Jean Grey written by Sean McKeever (who we got to interview in FCCR #5) and illustrated by Mike Mayhew but I also like the X-Men First Class Special #1, written by Jeff Parker because my letter was published in there which I was very happy about!

to order an issue or see more about FCCR, visit:


seems everybody had a good time the other day, speculating on who would throw up first on the cover of justice league no.6. rich (woodall) said, 'let's do more!' and as he and i got to talking, i remembered a cover that might lend itself to some of that kind of fun...

back when i was younger and couldn't get enough of those good ol' justice leagues, i remember reading a letter column in issue 105, i think, where someone wrote in asking why, out of all the heroes pictured on the cover of 102, were batman and wonder woman looking only at each other? was there something up between them? was this the (subtle) beginnings of a romance between the amazon princess and the caped crusader? admittedly i hadda go back and look at the cover myself and i went, yeah, what the hell...? (years later, when i had befriended that particular cover's artist, nick cardy, i posed the question to him, asking him what his motivations were for having batman and wonder woman gazing at each other. he said, "who?")

anyway, here is that cover along with the invitation to put in your own thoughts of what mighta been going on between these two.

here's what i put...

with rich's formidable photoshop skills (everybody say, 'thanks, rich~!'), he went and made it super easy for ya!
if you wanted wonder woman speaking first and batman responding...

...or bats speaking first, etc... you get the idea! write a whole back and forth if you want--have fun!

and with that, rich and i say...
smell ya later~!


Matt Wieringo said...

"I hope it's you." made me pee my pants. Awesome.

Those young ladies are awesome. I love that they're best buds despite the age difference. And...

Re: #5. Not anymore...HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

Matt Wieringo said...

How many "awesome"s can I put in one post?

todd said...

awesome comments, matt~!

while christian and matt have sent in their versions of the covers with their own pithy dialogue(s) which i'll post on monday, i'm getting emails from others with their own suggestions. here are some of 'em...

ellie said:
Hmmm, maybe Wonder Woman would say to Batman "Get out the Kryptonite" :)

and the man himself, nick cardy offered these two:
wonder woman: "God--He's always so dramatic."


batman: "Come on. We've got better things to do. Let's get a room."

anyone else...?

Matt Wieringo said...

Nick wins just for drawing that (don't say awesome...don't say awesome) wonderful cover. I LOVED Nick's DC covers as a kid. Now I just drool all over them.

Brian said...

Cardy is the best. Loved his covers as a youngster.

Brian said...

Great interview. Those two young women will go far.

Heywood Jablomie said...

matt-your response to #5 was awesome!

great post here, and i'm having fun with the cover thing too, even if i missed out on the last one. i'm sooo late to the nick cardy party it's not funny, but man his stuff is just awesome!

my ideas for the cover:
WW: 'Um, ya mind not poking me with that thing?'

BM: 'I can't help it, the view into your top from here is incredible.'

Phineas Q Fisticuffs said...

BATMAN: So, who wants six months off and a comeback relaunch?

WONDER WOMAN: I think it's Black Canary's turn...