Saturday, February 19, 2011

JLA Cover EXTRA!!: that's what she said...



i got so many of these hilarious JLA covers shot back to me by so many of you that i thought i'd better make a unprecedented saturday post to share the comedy quicker!
below are the submissions as they came in. unfortunately, matt's wouldn't load up on blogger (dunno why...), but i will post those later, as soon as we can get them reformatted...
some of these are killer--enjoy!!
(allow me to suggest that you read superman's dialogue each time to set the tone...)

christian leaf


matt wieringo

(insert matt wieringo dialogues here)


rich woodall


tom stevens


brian mulcahy


Eric Henson said...

Hilarity in the highest degree! Thanks for the special post, Todd.

Jason Copland said...

Poor, poor Aquaman.

Matt Wieringo said...

All of these are (wait for it) AWESOME!

Brian said...

Great work everyone.

LifeLess said...

WW: Oh no! Bruce, I'm pregnant!

BM: Really....Superman, I have an idea!

LifeLess said...

WW: Oh dear!

BM: Oh c'mon! Take a look around! I guarantee you that each and every one of us will die at some point!

LifeLess said...

WW: Bruce, I think now's a good time to tell you that I missed my period.

BM: ......I'M BATMAN!