Wednesday, February 02, 2011

PC4: Uriel A. Duran


long-time perhapa-fan and previous contest winner, uriel duran surprised me with this incredible iconic image--mostly i was surprised by who he's got our lovely arisa gettin' hitched to...!?

the inspiration

the homage


Christian D. Leaf said...

Hahahaha! Poor MG. Always the bridesmaid...

Lovely work, Uriel!

Eric Henson said...

Whoah! Didn't see that coming! Hammerskold must be dreaming a "What If" scenario for that issue!

Nice cover, Uriel!

Scott Weinstein said...

That's a great cover!

Jason Copland said...

Very cool!

Warren said...

LOL! That's so awesome! MG better get the group to scramblin' and find out what's screwing with reality!

Brian said...

MG might want to make a deal with Mephisto if this wedding goes down.

Seriously, though, great job Uriel.

Jason Copland said...

Ha! Poor MG, indeed! Great stuff, Uriel!

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