Friday, March 18, 2011

FCCR no.5~! and a mish-mash of other things...


busy, busy week here at casa de hapanauts and it looks like that's the way it's gonna stay for the next couple of weeks.
which is good. busy is good. means things are getting done.
but it caused me to miss posting a post on wednesday and means that today might seem a little short too.
but good things are happening and i'll be able to tell you all about 'em over the next few weeks. BIG things.

one good big thing that i can tell you about is that the latest issue of my favorite all-ages comics review magazine is out and it looks like this...!

ellie and lily egleton have done it again with issue 5 of their quickly growing FIRST CLASS COMIC REVIEW, featuring an awesome cover by our pal, colleen coover!!
as you can see on the cover, there are articles on classic romance comics, interviews with colleen and sean mckeever, news on colleen's batman project and much more!
you can pick up a copy of FCCR no.5 on amazon or order from their website at !


in other cool news, as of this past monday--march 14, 2011--our pal, joe staton (green lantern, e-man, and a ka-billion other things...) began doing the art chores on the daily DICK TRACY strip along with writer, mike curtis!! if you don't get the papers or your paper doesn't carry it, head on over to and check it out! and have it delivered to your email box every day!!
it's only been four days and it's already fantastic!


and in the i can't wait for you to see this department...

perhapanauts pages by craig!
perhapanauts pages by rich (woodall)!
perhapanauts pages by eric henson!
perhapanauts pages by matt and christian!
perhapanauts pages by lauren monardo!

not to mention pages coming in for scott weinstein's upcoming "tales from the perhaps" webcomic by
rich, leanne hannah, jason copland, kelly yates, and craig!
things are startin' to happen!


check out the perhapanauts store where we now have the perhapa-hats available as well as the perhapanauts one-shot print from the emerald city comicon! as well as the tiki print redux that craig was so eager to redo! both prints are gorgeous and would be a fine addition to any classy den or study wall!

that;s it for me!
i gotta get to work!
have a great weekend!
smell ya later!