Wednesday, March 09, 2011

superheroes at the emerqld city comicon~!


part 2 of our seattle/emerald city comicon coverage;

here, for your enjoyment, just some of the crazy and creative costumes from the show...

a truly impressive nightcrawler (i wish i'd've gotten a better picture--this was a nice make-up!)

there were several supergirls at the show, but this is the only one i got a picture of...

hit girl!!

i had a great chat with this stunning wonder woman...and i think we might have even made a new perhapa-fan along the way!

poison ivy and batgirl!

there were plenty of cats in the building; this alluring black cat...

and a sizzling catwoman...!

this great, very inspired, mother/son team of calvin and hobbes...

...and little brother, batman, who had a cool retractable cape that popped out when triggered!! it was truly awesome!!

a trio of x-men; rogue, wolverine, and mystique!

a very cute poison ivy!

the sensational scarlet spider!

gotta run~!
smell ya later~!


Jason Copland said...

Calvin and Hobbes for the win!

Brian said...

Definitely, Calvin and Hobbes, though that gals are really cute.

Jay Larsen said...

Got an autographed TPB at the ECC. Thanks, guys. Just read it and it rocks. Choopie is the greatest!