Wednesday, August 03, 2011

choopie by jennifer bennett at handmade stuffs~!


well, guess who showed up at my house the other day...?

while at heroescon last month, i was fortunate enough to have a chance to get up and walk around a time or two and check out the other booths and tables, and even fortunater to meet the severely talented jennifer bennett of handmade stuffs, her own little cottage industry from right there in charlotte. honestly, jennifer couldn't have looked cuter, sitting at her table surrounded by her colorful creations, a plethora of plushes representing just about any comic book character you could imagine!! no, really!! no, i won't shut the front door--you go over and check out her stuff NOW!!! now!
look, if you've ever not listened to me when i've told you to go check something out and you think that i'm kidding, i'm not! go now!

so i, of course, struck up a conversation, forced a copy of the perhapanauts in her dainty little hand, and placed an order for our one and only choopie. smiling radiantly, jennifer took a look and told me that she had taken a lot of commissions at the show and so it would take about a month or so and that she'd let me know when he was ready.

he arrived last week.

(as some of you may know, a couple years ago craig and i had looked into possibly having choopie dolls no avail.) it's so cool to have this beautifully done version and to show off jennifer's amazing talent! and to also let you know that her commission list is once again open!!

as is most cats way, kayla was un-impressed when initially introduced to choopie...

but has made sure to rub her chin on him every time she passes by--when we're not looking, of course...

thank you, jennifer--he is amazing!
and so are you!

really--go check out jennifer's site and see if she's already made your favorite character!

be here friday for part 3 of scott's Tales From The Perhaps~!
smell ya later~!


Heywood Jablomie said...

oh man that is awesome! great job! i'll check out her site first chance i get. that's some amazing work!!

Chris Summers said...

I need one!!! A Big would be cool too!!

Brian said...

So cute.

Scott Weinstein said...

That looks great! Wow!