Monday, August 15, 2011

quick bursts~!


quick bursts~!

did i mention that craig and i will be at the

this coming weekend! stop by if you're in the neighborhood. the guest list is awesome and even stan lee's gonna be there!


you read part 1 here a week or so ago...

part 2 of bryan stroud's excellent--and humorous--interview with our own nick cardy can be found here;

it is classic nick conversation and filled with great memories and few stories told out of school!
check it out!


my dear friend alison, who is more like family than just friend, 'e'd me this photo this morning.

"Hey Todd, Came across this in Jeff's '76 year book. Check out the title of the book you're reading. :-) "

so now when i say that i've always been fascinated by the paranormal...
(thanks, alison!)


when my brother and i were little kids--5 or 6 years old--my mother, it seemed, had made ham steaks for dinner a tad too frequently--or so we believed--and we complained about it. tired of hearing our protests, upon our asking what was for dinner one night, my dad told us "lunk". confounded we said, "what's 'lunk'?" to which he replied, "i lassoed it out in the backyard just a little while ago." eyes wide, we asked what 'lunk' was, he casually said, "oh, you've seen 'em around...the big blue bird with the purple beak...?" "why did you lasso it?" "oh, you have to lasso them--that's the only way to catch 'em! it struggled--bit me eight or nine times. woulda killed an ordinary man. but i wrestled it to the ground. now come and sit down."
we ate it up.

for more calvin and hobbes, go to

i'm out!
smell ya later!


Brian said...

Mmmmmm, monkey brains.

Matt Wieringo said...

That's funny. Dad always got me to eat my Lunk by telling me it was ham steak.

Heywood Jablomie said...

great pic of you there!

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