Monday, September 04, 2006



now that y'all've had the chance to study the strange case of paula m. (i'd really love to have a chance to talk with her...) and the eerie creature from the dump, let me shift gears completely and let everyone know that craig and i--along with our pals, mike wieringo and, we think (???) randy green--will be attending the super-awesome-cool BALTIMORE COMICON this coming weekend, september 9 and 10, baltimore convention center in baltimore, maryland! (did i say 'baltimore' enough...?)

this is one of the two shows (shelton drum's HEROESCON in charlotte being the other) that i absolutely LOVE to go to. to me it's what a comics show should be, not some confusing, crazy, multi-media circus where you need a cell phone just to find the exit, but a real celebration of comics and the people who read them!

and like heroes, the baltimore show has it's own guiding light, a man who truly loves comics and the people who come to his shows--both guests and fans--marc nathan!
i've known marc for about 6 or 7 years now and though it took us a little while to get the chance to hang and get to know each other, when we finally did we soon found ourselves to be kindred spirits in the way of comic books and what they mean to us. and with a lot more in common than we knew.
here's us after a few too many beers...

anyway, marc puts on the kind of comics show you WANT to go to, that you dream of, that both guests and fans always have a great time at! if you're in the area, make sure to come by and say hello! we'd love to see ya! we'll be giving away the increasingly popular perhapanauts postcards (selling now on ebay for $5!?!?!?!) as well as the hugely infamous choopie butt cards that have mother's nervous all across the contiguous U.S.! don't miss out!

also, our BIG announcement is that craig and i will have early, advance, we-can't-believe-dark-horse-got-these-for-us copies of our brand new trade, THE PERHAPANAUTS:FIRST BLOOD, for sale and signing at our table!! and though i've put it up here numerous times already, i'm gonna do it again 'cause i'm so excited!! here, this is what it looks like!

i'll try to blog again before we leave, but do whatcha can to come out and see us if you're in the area! rico will be there as well and i have a feeling that frequent perhapa-blog commentor, brian mulcahy, will be making an appearance as well!

see ya there!


Jason Copland said...

Have a great time, Todd!

Brian said...

Yes, I'll see you there and just got an e-mail
from Randy Green confirming that he's coming
as well so it should be a grand old time in

Great news about the 'Haps trade, kind of makes
me wish I hadn't pre-ordered at Ye Olde Comics
Shoppe. However, it's probably just as well as I've got a sneaking suspision that with all the extras and director's cut type goodies you and Craig have crammed between the covers of this bad boy that it would be sure to push my bag over the airlines weight limit.

See you there.

todd said...

ah, brian!
stan lee would be proud!
thanks for the great spiel! : )

and thanks you guys!
wish ya could be there too!