Thursday, September 21, 2006

this 'n' that...


about a month or so back i finished up this licensing job i did for marvel.
i LOVE doing licensing jobs 'cause they're good money, i get to use the 'classic' versions of the characters (no new spidey-armor costume or bizarre line-up of the avengers), i get to usually be a little more creative with the story, and the editors, nicole wiley and john barber are absolutely terrific to work with!
so amtrak wants a comic book for the kids on the train. could it feature spider-man and the fantastic four? sure! could it include some of the information that we want to convey to our young passengers about the wonders of travel by train? no problem! could it be action-packed and full of superheroic fun? our specialty!
oh, did we also mention that, because we don't want to scare anybody, there can be absolutely NO DANGER to the train or the passengers riding on amtrak?
dude, that's what comics are all about! no danger? no urgency? no story.
did i mention that another thing i love about it is the challenge?
we got it done. and i'm really happy with it.
if you ever run across one on an amtrak train, lemme know.

so i was tryin' to make sure that i was posting on mondays, wednesdays, and fridays and then yesterday just swept right by me. sorry. i've been doing lots of little things the past week or so. i designed a t-shirt for my good friend, paul, who is a prison guard and is organizing their first annual pig roast. just like the amtrak thing above, paul told me pretty quick, "oh, yeah, don't put the pig in a cop hat. those guys'll take offense." man, that's was exactly what i was gonna do. when you tell me a buncha cops are gonna have a pig roast...oh, we laughed.

also, i'm trying to rearrange my studio. it means organizing, filing, and getting rid of comics. no probelm. but here, where i've moved the computer for, what i hope will be, easier writing and better inspiration, there's the slightest dip in the hardwood floor, you couldn't see it with the naked eye, but when i sit down to type, the chair needs to be just so or it rolls you back away from the desk. maybe it's telling me something...?

and mike (wieringo) and i have been finishing up mike's MODERN MASTERS interview. i think it came out pretty well for my first pass as interviewer. but i'll let you be the judge. the book, MODERN MASTERS vol.9, will be out in november/december and will feature a lot of mike's gorgeous work including some never before seen stuff and some of mike's original designs for tellos!

and while i thank you all for your patience in using our comments section on this blog to communicate, craig and i are desperately hunting for a message board somehwere so that we can all be better in touch in discussing the weird, the wild, the mundane, and even maybe the perhapanauts! but craig is swamped with work and house and family and i'm an idiot. so if anyone should have a line on where we could find a message board for this perhapanauts website, we'd really love to hear about it. you can tell me through the comments section or feel free to 'e' me at thanks!

gotta go! stuff to do!
smell ya later!


Brian said...

Hey Todd,

Looking forward to the Ringo Modern Masters book.

As for forums, you might want to check with Tim Sale, the forums on his website are on Comicworldnews. Its gone done a couple of times, but overall works pretty well. Also, you could check with Ringo and see what he thinks of the CBR forums as he has a hosted one over there.


P.S. How's this for irony, my LCBS didn't get in my copy of the 'Haps trade. I guess I should have listened to that guy at your table brandishing that Choopie butt card and picked it up in Baltimore. Hopefully they'll be able to get me one soon.

todd said...

thanks, brian!

i think you've gotta be a big name like mike to get a forum over on cbr, but we've got a few leads now so we should have something soon.

i'll say here--and mention on the blog tomorrow--that if you're an amazon person they've got the trade on discount for $10 and change.

plus, somebody should go over there and write a ridiculously over the top review that says that the first blood trade also cures acne.

better than that crrappy proactive.

and jessica simpson knows it.

Brian said...

Funny you mention it, I did notice that my skin took on a healthy glow while re-reading issue No. 1 just now. I did check on Amazon as a back up incase the LCBS lets me down and and was going to write a review, but apparently the link wasn't there yet. I guess they wait until they actually have it for sale.

As for Jessica Simpson, she's just mad because Choopie won't return her phone calls.

Fred said...

Hey todd,

A few of the old guys at actually have been shelling out their own cash for a server and had plenty of room at their website. At one point in the not so distant past, they had spread the word about allowing individuals to inquire about buying space at the site for a steal. Since you are in the industry and an old friend of Josh's, you may want to inquire about it. A contientious group of administrators with no headaches and a large number of regular posters wandering through there. I'm not sure of specifics, but you can contact them if you have any interest in learning more.