Tuesday, October 30, 2007

happy halloween! ghost stories from emilio!



hope you have some spooky surprises and lotsa fun dressin' up and trick-r-treatin'!
as i said, i'm off to write my name on some comics with my pal, nick, so i'll see you all later!
remember; take pictures and send them in!

as promised here are a couple more stories, this time from our own emilio!

here's his whole e-mail...

Here are my stories. You can decide if they're worthy or if you have time or space to print.
They're not much different than somethings being said already.
There are 2 parts so, if you like any of it, feel free to only show the parts you like.
Here goes:

When I was a young lad of about 7-10 years old, I overheard my mother talking to my aunt about an incident that had happened to her.
My mother was saying that one night, as my dad and her were reading in the living room, she got up to get a drink of water and was stopped in her tracks before entering the kitchen. My father asked her what was wrong and she said there was a shadow standing in the kitchen.
My father told her to ask it what it wanted, but my mother was too scared. My father then began to get up, cursing under his breath, when the shadow disappeared.
Several days later, my mom was visiting a friend of hers and the lady asked her who my mom brought with her. My mom answered that her husband was waiting in the car. The lady then said, "Oh, no. Not in the car. who do you have right there with you?" My mom said she didn't understand. The lady then described a person (spirit) that was following my mom. My mom said it sounded like her brother, who had just passed away.
Then when my mother was leaving, the lady told my mother to tell my father not to insult things he doesn't understand. This without my mother mentioning the previous incident to the lady.

My mother also told my aunt that one night, she woke up (in the middle of the night) by hearing someone walking through the living room. She told my father she thought she heard a burglar, but he just said "Let me know if he comes in down the hall", and rolled over back to sleep. My mother couldn't sleep anymore, watching the open door of the bedroom to see if it anyone (even one of the kids) walked by, but no one walked back by the door towards the other room.
In the morning she got up and checked the house to find no one else around, us kids asleep. Then the phone rang with news that her brother had passed during the night.

Since then, I wanted to experience stuff like that. Then, after I moved away, I had a similar incident.
One morning, as I slept in on a weekend, I felt like someone sat on the edge of my bed. Well that startled me right outta my sleep.I thought to myself that I must have dreamt it, but then it felt like who/what ever started rocking back and forth.So here I am in bed with my back to this 'thing' and can't move to see what it is. I'm trying to turn my head to look, but am so scared I can't move an inch. I then tried to roll my whole body over, but still can't move. All the while this thing is rocking back and forth. It all must have taken no more than a minute, but it felt like forever (like in slow motion). Mind you , I'm curious (while still scared s#!tless) to see if whatever is there can be seen or just where the bed is being depressed without anything there. Well, I finally felt my body relaxing enough to move. Then I jerked around to look, and it stopped simultaneously.
To this day, I wonder if it was just some really freaky dream, or if it actually happened.

Happy Halloween.
Emilio / Miami, FL

thanks, emilio!
thanks, everyone!
see ya with more tomorrow!
smell ya later! boo!


Anonymous said...

Those kind of stories really freak you out. To the point of believing that the departed follow you around just really gets you. That's the kind of stuff that makes you check the shower while you go to the restroom.
Here's a stumper...'member that flic "Stuck on You" about the siamese twins who leave their burger joint to travel to California so one of the twins can be a star?
At the opening credits, there is a cut scene to their feet getting out of bed, and we get a glimpse under the bed. If you look, you'll see a face under there...
Go it, find the spot, and pause it...its there...
Happy Halloween everyone!

todd said...

thanks, man...

now i gotta go get that--right now!--and check it out! : )

Scott Weinstein said...


That's a great story. But, honestly, I found it a little more comforting than scary. It sounds like your uncle was looking out for your mother. That's touching.

And speaking of ghosts in movies, don't forget about the ghost in 3 men and a baby. It's in the scene where Ted Danson's mother comes to help him out with the baby. She crosses the room to the crib. On the pan back we see a girl standing in the corner. Very creepy. Of course, the last time I checked this out was on VHS. I wonder if that ghost would become something less scary on DVD. Eh, who knows.

Anonymous said...

Now what I remember from that was on a radio station, in which a lady called to report an odd sighting on film. She tells the story of a boy who fell from a window in that same very apartment, in that same very window you can spot him in the flic, and the reason she knows this is she is his mother...the boy had died a couple years before the movie was made there.
Now, if you notice a lil earlier on, you will see a cut-out of Ted Danson(sp?) in a tux & top hat. This cut-out is what people are actually seeing (or so we are told). Every footage I have seen of it(haven't seen it on dvd) looks too distorted behind the curtains for me to tell. You can see it as being the cut-out or a boy with a bowl cut.
Anyone seen the footage of the hanging munchkin from The Wizard of Oz?

Brian said...

I think they preferred to be called hanging little people.

Sorry, couldn't resist.

Happy Halloween everyone.

renecarol said...

My sister died before I was born. My mom used to tell stories when I was little about seeing her ghost. Like she'd go into the living room and see her sitting on the sofa and then turn or blink or something and she'd be gone. When I was younger I thought of her as like a little angel watching over me - but I never saw her though - the way my mom did. But I *almost* believed my mom when she said she saw her.

Cooper said...

So Halloween festivities are winding down, and I surf the net to find one more treat for the night over on Newsarama. Whoooo! I thought Craig's commenting on all of the Image talk of late was being cute and non-subtle...*laugh*
Loved the "modern horror" of Hanna-Barbera line, and I can't wait to see the Art Adams cover. His Godzilla makes me swoon.
Oh, and congrats on having a thread on Newsarama that ALMOST didn't have some overly cynical person jump in there. *laugh*
Hope everyone had a great and spooky Halloween!

Unknown said...

Saw that you and Craig are moving the 'Haps to Image next year.

Happy Halloween!