Thursday, June 12, 2008

friday the 13th!!


running out to do a carpentry with my pal, jeff, this morning, so i'm posting this late last night!
thanks to kc and nic for all their help today!

but before we get into their offerings, here's a creepy post from our friends at paranormal@ about .com
head over there and check out some more of their...

Your True Tales
June 2008 -

Chanting Reaper
by Todd L.

As I begin to write this, I feel very uneasy. I have told very few people of these incidents and am skeptical of the response I'm going to get. You don't have to believe me, just read. These experiences have changed my life and I would never wish them even on my worst enemy. I logically sometimes think in my head that ghosts aren't real, but these experiences I've had always make me think the exact opposite. How are ghosts not real if I've seen them (or something of the sort; I'm not exactly sure what they were). First and foremost, I'm 17, and haven't had one of these experiences in a long time (thank God). And at the time of the first incident, I was very young (4-7 years of age; I can't really remember the exact age). The funny thing about the experiences is that they all happened in the middle of the night, and were all absolutely terrifying. I've looked them up countless number of times and have found out I'm not alone. Other people have experienced these things, too. That makes me feel really good because for the longest time I thought I was the only one.

Alright, here it goes: When I was around the age of 7, I woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. The night seemed like any other night from what I remember. Nothing seemed unusual. In fact, I wasn't even scared to get up in the dark. Upon finishing nature's call, I turned off the bathroom light and and walked into my room (which is right next to the bathroom), but as I walked into the room I saw what appeared to be a hooded figure in the corner, and the only reason I saw it amidst the darkness was because there was a faint glow of light coming through the windows from the outside (it had to have been streetlights, or the moonlight). Tricking myself into thinking it was only my window curtain, I walked toward my bed and laid down. While I lay there, I heard something, almost like a chant, coming from the corner where I saw that thing. When I looked up, I saw it. It was a cloaked figure (almost resembling a Christian monk, or the Grim Reaper) coming toward me, chanting. Now, don't ask me what it was saying because I couldn't understand it; it was speaking in tongues. At this point I was panicking. I was so scared. I covered up under my blankets the best I could and tried to ignore it, but I left my foot sticking out at the bottom.

Now, this is the one thing I absolutely remember it did. While my foot was sticking out, it said aloud, "I will grab your foot, Todd." Quickly, I yanked my foot under my blanket and started to scream. During this time, I felt as if I was screaming for an eternity, and I had a feeling of doom (from what I remember). Just then my mom burst in the door and flicked on the lights, and as she did I was looking at the creature. As soon as she turned on the lights, it vanished with the darkness.

The second experience happened just as strangely as the first. I can't remember how old I was but I was staying at my Grandma's and, once again, I got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. After going, I turned off the light and stared into the living room (where I was sleeping). When I did, I saw an old woman in a blue robe, back to me with her head down. At first I thought it was my grandma and I said aloud, "Grandma?" Just then, it turned around and it had these eyes that are beyond description. They glowed and were... beyond words. I do remember seeing the color red for some reason, though. I don't know why. After seeing that it was an entity, I gasped and flicked on the light and it vanished. And after words, I went to check on my grandma. She was in bed asleep.

And for the last experience, I was watching a movie in the living room and my brother had fallen asleep in my room. I let him sleep in there and finished watching my movie. As I walked toward my room to get him, I was looking down at the floor (I was tired). Upon entering my room, I looked up and saw the same hooded creature standing right in front of me. And when I turned to my left, I saw about five of them standing around my bed where my brother slept. Out of instinct, I booked. But when I entered the dining room, I thought to myself, "This is my brother!" I turned around and went back... and they were gone. I picked him up and left.

These are my experiences and they are all 100% true, to the best of my remembrance. I don't know what I'm going to gain posting this, but I hope people will be respectful. These are very real and very terrifying.


second in a series of kc carlson's gallery of weird and wacky archie covers!
(how could you go wrong with betty and veronica as mermaids...?)


"...His eyes narrowed to icy slits of determination, Choopie pulled the switch."


and here is a very special edition of
"five for friday"--it's
"five for friday the 13th!!"
sent in to me the other day by our
pal, nic--better known on the
comments and message boards as
portal comics!
so here i give you...nic!

Hey Todd,

I know from time to time you have posted various guest Five for Fridays. Well with this week being Friday the 13th, I put together an All Slasher Film Five for Friday the 13th for you.
Here you go:

Q: What Golden Globe nominated actor appeared in the original 1980 Friday the 13th film?

Q: Which film in the series did Jason Vorhees first don his trademark hockey mask?

Q: What is the full name of Bruce Campbell's character Ash in the 1981 film Evil Dead? What was Ash's sister's name?

Q: Wes Craven claims that the inspiration for A Nightmare on Elm Street's Freddy Kreuger was based on a series of stories in the LA Times about young people who died in their sleep and a 1970's pop song. What was the song? Who was the artist?

Q: Tommy Lee Wallace, the production designer for the 1978 John Carpenter film Halloween, created Michael Myers' mask by altering an actual Halloween mask of a famous actor. Who was it?

Q: How many times has Jason Vorhees appeared on film? Name them.

take care!

thanks, nic!
you're a life saver!
oh, and by the way, happy birthday, dude!
that's right everybody, nic's birthday is today--friday the 13th!!
(go get 'im, gang!)

i'm out!
have a great weekend!
smell ya monday!


Brian said...

Not a big Friday the 13th Fan or Nightmare for that matter, so I got nothing for the five for friday.

However, I do have my summer songs, in no particular order

"The Boys are Back,"
by Thin Lizzy
"The Boys of Summer"
by Don Henley
"Summer in the City"
by The Loving Spoonful
"Summer of 69"
by Bryan Adams
"Catholic Girls"
by Billy Joel (a personal summer connection)

portalcomics said...

Thanks for the Birthday wishes Todd! Glad to help out! as far as summer songs go, I have a few...

"Summer Nights" by Van Halen
"Cruel Summer" by Bananarama
"Summer time" by Will Smith

Christian D. Leaf said...

Creepy arsed stories there. Chanting hooded figures sounds a little like the dwarves from Phantasm, which are in their own right creepy as all get out.

The Fiver:
1. Kevin Bacon
2. Friday the 13th Part 3
3. Ashley Something
4. Dream Police by Cheap Trick?
5. A William Shatner mask
You’re on your own with the bonus.

Good luck with the carpentry work, Todd. No smashed thumbs or anything, okay?

Russ Burlingame said...

Hey, all! More ComicRelated love for the 'Haps: