Monday, June 02, 2008

labor of love


well, now that everyone's had a chance to obtain and read a copy of the all-new PERHAPANAUTS 2--and we still have no answer as to why half the shipment was staggered by a week--craig and i just want to thank EVERYONE out there for reading the book, for writing in with your wonderfully kind and supportive letters and emails, and for joining us here and being a part of our perhapa-family online.
because, for us, the PERHAPANAUTS is truly a labor of love. i know i've said this before and i don't want to sound like a skipped disc (and i certainly don't want to sound like i'm complaining...), but the state of the industry today means that small independent books like ours just don't make money. you might think that, because we have a published book being printed and distributed each month, we must be raking it in, right? yeah, we used to think that too.
but after printing and shipping and about a ka-billion other ancillary costs, we make zero cents.
and we've spent much, much more than we can afford to.
we do it all knowing that we're not going to see any money for it. oh, maybe a little something later--much later--when the stories are collected into a trade. or, on the wildest dreams side of it, someone decides that the PERHAPANAUTS would make an awesome movie or saturday morning cartoon--although THAT industry is having it's own hard times...we do it 'cause we want to, because we have to. we squeeze it in between spider-man jobs and licensing jobs and the real paying work. for craig, when the kids are napping (i don't know how he does all he does...!). we work late into the night--rico too. (god bless you, rico...) we make time for it.

so, for us, the PERHAPANAUTS is a true labor of love; we love the characters, we love the stories we have to tell about them, and we love you, the READERS. we love your enthusiasm, we love your concern and speculation, and we love your letters and kind words of support and encouragement. that's what keeps us going, that's what we do it for.
for you.
thank you, thank you, thank you!



don't know if you noticed, but the t-shirts are HERE!!!!! -------------------->

our good pal and attentive web-slinger, kieran, did a little work in the store area of our site and has added a few things here and there! check 'em out! they make great gifts! : )

(we also have a select few of the new york comicon exclusive perhapanauts t-shirts available featuring both images, the team on the front and choopie on the back. please inquire about sizes.)


and, not that he's gonna make a habit of this (he says) here's a pic of perhapanauts 2 on the racks at challengers comics + conversation in chicago courtesy of our pal, patrick brower.

woo hoo!
thanks again, patrick!


here are
the answers to

"five for friday"
it's "what actor?" time
i'll name 3 movies and
you tell me the actor that
appeared in all 3.

1. beethoven, jerry maguire, the green mile

bonnie hunt

2. the deep, firewalker, enemy mine

lou gossett jr

3. dark city, requiem for a dream, dark water

jennifer connolly

4. what dreams may come, dead again, moscow on the hudson

robin williams

5. noises off, deathtrap, the remains of the day

christopher reeve

have a great day!
smell ya later!


Brian said...

It is a book worthy of the "love," no question about it, but it is a tough, tough market for anything not wearing the trade dress of Marvel or DC.

So a big thanks to Todd, Craig and Rico for keeping the lights on at Bedlam and for giving me something to look forward to in this world of over-hyped alleged universe changing cross-over events from the big two that end up changing nothing other than my pull list that is now pretty much devoid of all things Marvel and DC, at least until Spidey Loves MJ and whatever Todd's got cooking up with Marvel get solicited.

Brian said...
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Heywood Jablomie said...

Brian took the words right outta my mouth.

A big THANKS! to you, c! and rico for going thru the wringer to bring us a great book and thanks to image for seeing that it's a book deserving of being published.

I'm waiting upon some free cash so i can buy me one of each of the shirts, cuz man they rawk!

And did anyone catch the Stonehenge Decoded special on NatGeo last night by any chance?

Anonymous said...

The book kicks ass, guys...
I had to switch CBS's to get The Perhapanauts though. The one i went to on a regular basis did not carry it. I asked why, and I didn't get a real answer, so I says, "To HELL with this place!" as I punched the clerk behind the counter and kicked at all the mint figures they had stowed by the door (why put them by the door anywho?- I didn't punch the clerk or kick the figures, but it sounds good when typing it!).
So I go to another store now to get my fix. Currently just reading 2 comics these days- TWD and guess the other one?...3 guesses and the first 2 don't count.
I appreciate you guys putting the book out, and even for the website...has me looking at less porn (j/k...well, what I meant to say is I do not look at porn on the net...nothing wrong with that if that is your bag, just not my bag, and the wifey would kill me!)!

You three keep making them, I'll keep reading them!

alison said...

T,C,R, Your labor of love is much appreciated and while there are a bunch of us out here already cheering you and the Perhappy gang on, slowly but surely, the love is spreading and your fan base is growing. And, Todd, it was specifically you and your labors of love that have gotten me into comics. Thank you!! What a wonderful world you've introduced me to. :-)