Friday, June 27, 2008

more stuff from HEROESCON!


d'oh! i never got a picture of our pal, cooper!! and the crazy thing is--i've known him for years!!!
only all i ever knew was his first name and NEVER would have put the two together! so that was a wild and funny revelation--and then a bit sad when i realized that now, instead of two friends, i only had one... : (
great to know you now, cooper!
(or can i call you by your first name...)

here are some more pictures from heroescon, this batch mostly stolen from scott weinstein or from our new pal, con photographer to the stars, pat sun! thanks, pat! you really covered some ground!

gino and scott man the after school agent table.

scott, todd, matt, and craig.

gino and his lovely wife, jen, at the after school agent table.

jeff parker and matt

craig, todd, and erik larsen at an image panel.

todd and erik are amazed when craig actually speaks...

another shot of craig, rod and leanne hannah, and todd, with the ever-lurking prankster,nick cardy ...CAUGHT ON FILM!
(leanne was upset that she was that never happens to me...)

(...well, except for this one time...)

"the boys" in their matching hawaiian tiki shirts! craig, me, nick, and matt!

mark won't let me go at the heroes initiative, hiya, rico!

i always love to see people in costume at the shows and applaud EVERYONE who takes the time to design and construct the outfits of their favorite heroes or villains or characters from whatever. at every show there are at least two or three costumes that are really great, worth mentioning and worth a photo (and not just 'cause the girls are pretty and in a tight skimpy costume...although i AM a man a total comic book geek and...) i was too busy when this amazonia/elseworlds wonder woman came by the table and didn't get a pic. but i grabbed this one off-line. great costume, great detail! craig says that she also had on an "ice" costume the next day. i didn't see it.

and here, from scott's pics, a very, very impressive iron man (though as scott points out, a bit skinny in the legs...) great, great job!

a smokin' catwoman!

the two together...

and finally, though pat couldn't get any real good angle on her ice costume...look! there, in the background! i'm not kidding! it's cooper! ha! gotcha!

have a great weekend!
smell ya later!


Christian D. Leaf said...

What? No questions?

I missed the Wonder Woman and Catwoman. Really kicking myself for missing your panel. Wonder what the heck I was doing at the time?

Leanne said...

Great pics, Todd! Well, except for, y'know, the one of me. I wish I had your ability to not blink in photos.

I loved that Iron Man costume, skinny legs and all. The lights on his hands and chestplate did it for me. Awesome stuff.

Heywood Jablomie said...

i WAS going to comment about the five-fer but i know todd is swamped but i ya beat me to it christian.

the wonder woman and catwoman looked good. the iron man not too shabby considering really.

i love the pic of c! talking, you look totally mesmerized todd!

Scott Weinstein said...

I missed that Catwoman walking around.

I'm glad there were pictures from the Ringo Tribute. I forgot to bring my camera to that.

Matt Wieringo said...

Great pics! I didn't get to see half of that stuff. I was either stuck behind a table or had my head buried in boxes of trade paperbacks. Thanks, Todd!

Anonymous said...

Hey Todd (& everyone),

Those were some cool costumes.
I'll send you a pic of Catwoman in a "snarling" pose.
Dug the WonderWoman & the IronMan.
Agree with Leanne, the lights in his hands & chest were an extra.

I did pick up an autographed copy of Afterschool Agent. (Thanks, Scott & Gino)

Nick Cardy is sooo cool.

Again, I had such a blast.

todd said...


i'd been getting the impression that maybe everybody wanted to take a break from the trivia for awhile...hasn't been as much activity on fridays as there had been.

i guess i stand corrected. : )

Unknown said...

Don't need a break from the trivia, just haven't had any answers lately. Ya's been stumpin' me.

Heywood Jablomie said...
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Heywood Jablomie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Brian said...

Man, looks like a really good time.

Maybe next year . . . sigh.

Heywood Jablomie said...

still not the way i wanted it....

meant to add more:

yeah same here. they've been tough for me as well. i guess i'm not filled with as much trivia as i thought!!

screw the rest, it sounded more dickish than funny

Matt Wieringo said...

I am a very trivial person. More 5-for-Fridays!

renecarol said...

I love seeing all the pictures. As for the five for friday - I rarely know the answers. And when I do - 10 people have already answered them before I see the questions.

Cooper said...

Todd, as my dear ol' Dad used to say, you can call me anything but late for dinner. Ba-dump-bump! Thanks, folks, try the veal!

And I'm with Leaf...I'm totally scratching my head right now, trying to figure out how I missed the Image panel. Maybe it happened while I was staring stupidly to the right in that Ice pic. Um...Wouldja' believe I was looking for Fire?

Warren said...

I'm waaay behind on my internetty stuff, so I just now got around to catching up on Todd's blog.

Hey, Todd, did you check out those two toon dvd's?

And my favorite costume at the con was this:

Yep, that photo was taken at HeroesCon and the fire paintshopped in later. I wish I had a picture showing the complete get-up. The young lady did a great job in recreating Montoya/Question. I'm pretty sure the guy who runs the site has more pics if he'll post them somewhere.

todd said...

thanks for the name release form, ernie!! : )

warren--haven't had a chance to sit down with those dvd's yet--my head is still spinning from the show--but will post them up here on the blog when i get to week, maybe...? thanks again for them!

and i guess that's a strong vote for more trivia, huh?