Tuesday, June 17, 2008

a tribute to ringo sketchbook at heroescon this weekend!


so crazy very late, last-minute shelton (drum, the man behind HEROESCON in charlotte this weekend and one of the nicest guys i know...!) and i realized that all the people who had planned to have a tribute sketchbook to honor/remember mike at heroescon--what we all refer to as "mike's hometown show"--had all hit roadblocks of one kind or another along the way and that there really wouldn't be something to collect many of those great pictures to have at the show.

and shelton said, "you could probably get that together in time, right?"

"uh...yeah, sure." i heard myself mutter.

really, it was mission:impossible, but because i happen to know two guys that pull off miracles all the time--rico and craig--somehow, with the hard work and best intentions of a group of phenomenal artists, it's done!

here is the list of all who came through for us at the last minute and a couple samples of what we've got in this awesome book!

The Line-Up

Jason Armstrong
James Bukauskas
Richard Case
Francesco Francavilla
Cully Hamner
Leanne Hannah
Mike Manley
Jonboy Meyers
Karl Kesel
Barry Kitson
Craig Rousseau
Walter Simonson
Andy Smith w/ Inks by Keith Champagne
Jim Starlin
Brian Stelfreeze
Rob Stull
Paul Swain
Neil Vokes
Matt Wieringo
Kelly Yates

all proceeds from this book will be donated in mike's name to the ASPCA.


hey! here's a cool interview i did with steven sykora over at project fanboy!


and it's true--we're charlotte bound for the weekend!
hope to see many of you there!

i'll have a post in tomorrow--an early "five for friday"--and then we'll see you back here on monday!
have a great day and
smell ya later!


Adam Hutch said...

Oh man that's great that you could get the sketchbook together so quickly! It's really touching that so many things are being done to honor Mike.

Matt Wieringo said...

I tried to impress Todd by sending him an email telling him I was finished with my part at 2:45 a.m. Then I staggered off to bed. (School night, dontcha know.) The next morning I noticed he'd replied to my email fifteen minutes later. The man's a machine I tells ya!

Christian D. Leaf said...

Yowza! That Neil Vokes drawing is brilliant. Can't wait to see the whole kit and kaboodle.

Scott Weinstein said...

Good work. Way to pull that together. I can't wait to see the book.

Brian said...

Way to go team Ringo!

Next show I'm at with Vokes, I'm getting me a Serra.

Neil D Vokes said...

Thanks for the kind words,my friends-when first asked to contribute something i couldn't think of anything i could do that would do Mike's singular work justice-after many sketches of somber superheroes all saddened by their loss,it occurred to me that one of the many distinctive elements in Mike's work was the unbridled joy his heroes seemed to exude- i rethought it and decided these characters needed to be smiling in memory of a wonderful artist and a great guy.

My piece was the least i could do for Ringo...;o)