Monday, June 09, 2008

summertime groove!


maybe i'm two weeks early, but i say summer is here!
(after such a long, cold winter i want to count as many summer days as i can...!)
and i'm gearing up for summer; makin' some plans to get out and enjoy the weather more, we've already had the grill out a few times, just put the air conditioner in yesterday...
and i'm lining up the books i want to read this summer. last year i was looking forward to settling in with the showcase presents house of mystery and brave and the bold--love that early 70's dc vibe!--whereas this year, i can't wait to get to two totally different, totally awesome collections; fred hembeck's phone book-sized tome, The ESSENTIAL HEMBECK and the trades of grant morrison and rich case's weird and wacky DOOM PATROL!

fred's book i don't really hafta tell ya much about except...

look how THICK it is...!!

and doesn't that handsome man look scholarly...?
this collection has been a long time coming and showcases the uproariously funny fred at his very, very best!i can't wait to eat it up!
you can get fred's hilarious compendium of all that's funny in comic books through amazon, at barnes and noble and borders, and, if your local comic shop is cool, there.

as for the doom patrol, well...
when these comics were originally coming out back in the early nineties from dc's very nouveau vertigo line, i didn't know rich from adam. (i also didn't know adam rich, arrest prone former child star from abc's eight is enough...) (and before you ask, nicholas) when, in '96, i found myself working with rich on sensational spider-man, i tried my best not to gush too much about how much i had loved that series. recently, while working on our perhapanauts back-up story (well, it was actually driving around raleigh/durham), the subject came up and off i went, telling rich that i needed to dig those babies out and read through them again. shortly thereafter, a box showed up at my house with the trades and bearing sketches and dedications from rich on the inside covers. (honestly, how do i deserve friends like this...?!)
so i'm settling in this summer for some of the wildest, wonkiest stories ever told in comics and, rich, i can't thank you enough! i'm not usually a "gotta have the trades" guy, but these are treasures!

how 'boutchoo?
what's on YOUR summer reading list...?


and here are the
answers to the
"five for friday"...

1. who was the second animated character to receive a star on hollywood boulevard?

bugs bunny

2. in what current u.s. state is the site of custer's last stand?


3. if a centipede has a hundred legs and a millipede has a thousand legs, what does a velocipede have?


4. what was the name of the hotel john lennon was living in and was shot to death in front of?

the dakota

5. ha! a fiver! name the members of the electric mayhem!

a. dr. teeth
b. floyd
c. zoot
d. janice
e. animal

that's it!
smell ya later!


Anonymous said...

Oh man, I can't wait to get that Hembeck book!!! I loved the Fred Hembeck strips as a kid, in both the regular comic and in Marvel Age!

I stopped at the comic shop yesterday and picked up Jack Kirby's OMAC hardcover, love that DC is doing all these cool Kirby Hardcovers, I really can't wait to get the Demon collected!!! That's by far got to be my fave work of his at DC.

Matt Wieringo said...

I'm with ya on THE DEMON, Johnraygun. Can't wait. I'm patiently waiting for Marvel to get with it and put out MACHINE MAN as well.

I have such a backlog of reading it would be impossible to list it all but I'm really looking forward to JK's FOURTH WORLD and, though technically not summer reading, I can't wait for that TOMB OF DRACULA OMNIBUS coming up. That STARMAN OMNIBUS looks purty sweet too.

Christian D. Leaf said...

I too am on THE DEMON bandwagon. Very much looking forward to that puppy hitting the shelves.

I've also been itching to get some DOOM PATROLS, too. I've picked up a trade only to put them back down as I didn't have a starting point or event to look for. Now that I know Richard's handled some of their business perhaps I'll get off me arse. (Though I'll probably wait until Heroes, so I can score a bunch for one low price.)

Other than that I don't have any dedicated list of "must reads." If anything comes out that looks good usually means I'll be buying and reading them. My problem is that I read too darn fast. Takes a lotta loot to feed my habit.

I will recommend MONSTER ZOO by Douglas TenNapel. Another solid showing to follow up BLACK CHERRY. More crazy monsters and heroes in waiting.

Anonymous said...

I loaded up on a bunch of stuff at MoCCA this weekend, so my to-read pile just about doubled in size. I still need to chip away at those Doom Patrol trades, but right now I've got Skyscrapers of the Midwest, James Sturm's America, and Bottomless Belly Button lined up. Y'know, "artistic" stuff! After that I need to finish the Death Note books and the third Runaways hardcover, and hopefully Tekkon Kinkreet soon. And the Fourth World Omnibuseseses...Omnibi. It's gonna be a busy summer.

I loved Perhapanauts #2, by the way - thanks for keeping the series going!

Heywood Jablomie said...

I'm not a huge fan of summer, but as it's hit early it's time to get into it now.

I've been loading up on marvel essentials the past few weeks as I had a gift cert. to my LCS to run down. my short list, cuz it's really long, of my immediate reads for the summer are:
-The Fred Hembeck Phone Book(good name for it!) I'm dying to sit still long enough to dive into it
-Girl Genius Omnibus 1
-Essential Capt. Marvel, Avengers 1-3, Amaz. Spidey 1 & X-men 1-3
-Oh and then there's a couple GN's of a little book called Dungeon by Lewis Trondheim which are great reads for anyone looking for some silly, wacky fantasy stuff!

Walt said...

Fred is definitely on my reading list. Just got the book and it's beautiful. I've got about 10 Showcase books I'm going to get through, a couple of Legion trades, a Shazam one, and The Ten-Cent Plague.

Pablo said...

Winter? was there a winter? here in NYC I think winter skipped us.
I don't really have much of a reading list for the summer, I'll just wait to see how it goes

renecarol said...

Man it has been hot this year. It is supposed to finally get out of the hundreds tomorrow. I imagine its a little cooler where you are though. No plans for reading anything this summer. Though I'm sure Lexie and I will be switching off pages in something...