Thursday, June 19, 2008



well, we're off to HEROESCON in beautiful charlotte, nc! craig and i are gonna be doing our best to get the perhapanauts message out there and this time around we will be assisted by our better-looking other halves; trish and sharon! it's really gonna be a family affair as we'll be sitting next to matt and suzanne and christian and...nick!!
i'll have pictures to post next week and reports back from the fun! if you're in the charlotte neighborhood, be sure to stop in!


i've been wanting to post this for the past few weeks...jake turned 15 on memorial day and our pal, christian leaf, made his cats make this card...

jake would like to publicly thank the kittehs leaf and let everyone know that he had a wonderful birthday with family and steak!



just to give you a little bit more of what we got, here are a couple more gorgeous pin-ups from the "a tribute to ringo" sketchbook. enjoy!


and here are your
"five for...thursday?"

1. at 300 pounds (and sometimes over) who was the fattest president?

2. what famous artist is credited with having invented scissors?

3. what town is famous for the saloon in which wild bill hickok was killed in 1876?

4. snap, crackle, pop! which one wears a baker's hat?

5. okay, i'll name the actors, you name the movie.

a. colin farrell, max von sydow, tom cruise

b. jessica alba, rutger hauer, rosario dawson

c. john goodman, steve buscemi, billy crystal

d. gary oldman, kevin bacon, ed asner

e. kelsey grammer, tom hanks, don rickles

have a great weekend!
see ya at heroes!
smell ya later!


Matt Wieringo said...

1. Taft
2. Da Vinci. (I only know because you asked one before.)
3. Dodge?
4. I should know this. I only worked on their advertising for two years!
c. Dunno
d. Dunno either
e. Dunno hat trick

Anonymous said...

See ya @ Charlotte.

Cool Bday card for Jake.

Looking forward to the tribute sketchbook.

Only knew :
5a - Minority Report

Matt- was Rutger Hauer in Sin City?
If I'd remembered that, I would have gotten that one too.

renecarol said...

Leaf - I love the kittens sketch.

I hope everyone has fun in Charlotte.

Brian said...

Have a great time in Charlotte and thanks for the additional peak at the Ringo tribute book.

As for the Five for Friday.

1. Coolidge

2. Didn't have a clue, but it is obvious, isn't it.

3. Tombstone.

4. Crackle (?)


a. Pass

b. Sin City

c. pass

d. pass

e. McHale's Navy

Colin said...

1. Taft

2. Da vinci

3. Deadwood, ya c***sucker!!

4. Pop

5. okay, i'll name the actors, you name the movie.

a. Minority Report

b. Sin City

c. Monsters Inc

d. JFK

e. Toy Story 2