Tuesday, September 30, 2008

nick's lifetime achievement award!


here's a little more con coverage from this past weekend's BALTIMORE COMICCON!

as i said, i was honored to be given the privilege of presenting nick cardy with his lifetime achievement award at the harvey awards on saturday night. nick received two standing ovations and was a bit overwhelmed by the outpouring of respect and appreciation. good! that'll teach 'im!

nick with his harvey's/hero initiative lifetime achievement award...

(you could smile, nick...)

that's better.

close-up of the back of the award--one of nick's most famous--and favorite--covers, bat lash #2!


our pal, bob almond, sent over this brief and succinct review--
Perhapanauts #4 (Image Comics)
By Todd Dezago, Craig Rousseau & Jason Armstrong

The Perhaps return home to Bedlam to find the base under an emergency evacutation in light of the recent invasion. But the people pulling the strings may not exactly have the project's best interesting at heart. Choopie has to deal with his Gremlin subjects, and Peter's emotions come back to haunt him. The bizarre stuff keeps coming with this book -- it's weird, it's crazy, and it's so much fun that it rises to the top of the read pile every week it comes out. Dezago and Rosseau have shaped a really weird world with really interesting, believable characters. If you haven't read this book yet, you're missing out on something exceptionally cool.
Rating: 4.5/5 --Blake M. Petit


while at the show, we got to hang out and catch up with a lot of our friends from here on the blog.
we saw rod and leanne hannah--leanne having just finished up the six-page perhapanauts back-up story she's doing with scott--and she and craig traded sketches of karl (leanne's fav and you'll see more of him by her later... : ) !
brian and our pal, mike estelle, filled in at the table when craig and/or i were needed elsewhere--and mike gave me this super awesome jersey devil t! thanks, man!

we met peter and dawn smith (as well as their girls, jada and molly) who will be hosting the all-new SCREAMING TIKI CON in ohio in just a couple weeks ! if, for some crazy reason, you missed out on all the fun at the baltimore commiccon, make sure to come and see us at our final show of 2K8, the SCREAMING TIKI CON in niles, ohio, october 17th thru 19th!

adam hutch was there and got sketches from both craig ...and me! always great to see ya, adam!
i saw bill nolan and his lovely wife, jen, briefly--he and brian always seem to be running off on some kinda crazy mission...
and joe and amy hedges--on their HONEYMOON, no less!!!--stopped by for a little while to chat and touch base! congratulations, you two! all the best!

and that's it, i'm out!
gotta go to the dentist and buy a couple birthday presents...
oh, yeah...and letter up some perhapanauts pages...!
smell ya later!


Matt Wieringo said...

You're going to the dentist to buy presents? Yuck.

Anonymous said...

My congrats to Nick.
That sure is one fine award.

Cool shirt from "Heywood"Mike.

What kind of presents do you get from the dentist?

k.c.nugent said...

Hey Todd! It was really cool to meet you at Baltimore. I was the guy with the blond spiky hair that bough the Tellos collection (which has been pretty awesome btw). Good luck with the dentist.

Adam Hutch said...

I love that Jersey Devil shirt!

Congrats Nick!

Warren said...

If you go to Wikipedia and do a search for "awesome", you'll get Nick Cardy every time. He's got to be the best cover artist DC Comics ever had. He deserves the award. :)

todd said...

i didn't actually get any presents at the dentists. he told me that i cracked a tooth and need some repair.
no cavities though!!

Leanne said...

Great pictures of Nick! His award was well deserved. I need to get a picture of him next time. The only thing I have right now is a photo of his disembodied hand.

I have a dentist appointment tomorrow too, strangely enough. My dentist's office doesn't give out presents either, so don't feel too bad, Todd.

It was great talking to you guys again. I don't think I told you, but I loved issue #4. The first page had a great "wtf??" moment, and it just got better from there. I was glad to see that Karl is still kickin' too! ;)

Scott Weinstein said...

It sounds like Baltimore was a good time. I'm sorry I had to miss it. And congrats to Nick on his well deserved recognition.

I saw this on CBR. Is this your plaid Superman:

Plaid Superman

Anonymous said...

Hey Todd always cool to see you guys at the Baltimore Con. You and Craig were nice enought to sign issues 1 and 2 of perhapanauts for me even though you were trying to set up, so thanks for that.
Was it busy for you, cause man I dont think Ive ever seen Baltimore that packed before. Place was a total madhouse.
Well have a good winter and I'll catch ya next year

todd said...

hey, kevin, by the way...!

These are my friends, our family...!
everyone say hi to kevin...!

leanne--i didn't have the heart to tell you this this weekend, sweetie, but karl...he's got every member of his race out for his blood. i dunno how he's gonna get past that.

scott--that IS our plaid superman. adam hutch sent me a pic too that i'll post on the blog on friday. thanks, man!

and, hey, robert!
no problem on getting to your books when we were still getting things together. we shoulda been in there setting up a little earlier, but breakfast turned out to be longer than we thought it would take--too many reunions. thanks for being patient!
and thanks for stopping by and posting here. don't be a stranger! we'd love to see ya again before winter's through.

Christian D. Leaf said...

Cracked tooth? Yikes! Good luck with the repairs, Todd. Not a fun thing to deal with.

Good on, Mr. Cardy. A gentlemen and one helluva guy. Nice to see him getting his accolades especially when presented by such a good friend.

Brian said...


As always, great seeing you guys at a show.

Sorry to hear about the tooth and hope it goes ok. Funny enough, I'm going to the dentist next week and I'm hoping for no cracks or cavities.

Best thing about hanging out behind the 'Haps table, getting to meet not only Mafus and Squeeze for the first time, but getting to shake the hand of Harvey Award Winner Nick Cardy.

P.S. Hi Kevin.

Anonymous said...

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