Wednesday, January 07, 2009

alison's snowmen


alison sent these over the other day and i thought i'd share some of 'em. obviously inspired by calvin's snowman massacre's, these are still a lotta fun! thanks, al! (my mom used to hate it when i called alison "al.")

so, with the new year, i am in "clearing the path" mode, trying to tie up all loose ends, jobs, and projects that were kinda left hanging from 2008. there are quite a few "little things"--as well as a couple of big ones--that i'd like to finish up and put to bed. i am the king of clutter, but it's really liberating to clear a path and get stuff put away.

but this isn't a resolution. if it were a resolution, it would never get done. if it were a resolution, i wouldn't do it just out of spite. i'd resent the resolution and then eventually get mad at it. don't you tell me what to do, resolution!
so it's just something i'm working on.
well...procrastinating around.
once i finish this post, i'll get right on it.


here's a turtle doodle i did.

smell ya later!