Tuesday, January 20, 2009

starting tuesday...


yesterday was a pretty big day, huh?

do you feel it?
i feel change. i feel hope. i feel the new day.

i watched bits and pieces of the inauguration--the tv was on as i did some cleaning and straightening around the house--and i was moved several times throughout just by the feeling of change enveloping the whole pageant. after the past (oppressive) eight years, and with the state our economy is in, i feel that the shackles have been lifted from us all.
though i really didn't feel that this was about race, one woman told a reporter that, back on election day, when her kids woke up the next morning, she told them that in the night dr. king's dream came true. so did mine. we are all brothers. finally.

now we can change the world.


mike had a counter.

on his blog, mike had a counter.
something built into the blogger format that he was using that would indicate how many hits he had on each post he'd put up. we talked about that a couple times when i had that occasional feeling that i was just barking in the night, unsure if there was actually anyone out there listening.
well, y'know, reading.

anyway, i still don't have a counter and though i am always warmed by the company of our regulars--our family. and i also know that there are many of you out there that either read the blog religiously, or maybe just check in from time to time, but don't comment or write in at all. s'okay. whichever category you might fall into, i want to thank you for doing so, for keeping up with the perhapanauts, keeping up with the weird and scary things in this world, and especially for putting up with me.

i've tried to make sure that i've had something new posted here on the perhapa-blog every monday, wednesday, and friday for, wow, awhile now, despite busy--sometimes frantically so--schedules and deadlines and such, but for the next month or so, i'm going to be shifting the blog to tuesdays and thursdays and only posting (duh.) twice a week.

the cutback is 'cause i'll be directing a play over the course of the next month and a half called "couples". well, actually, it's a series of nine short plays written by rich orloff. short two person vignettes dealing with relationships, some funny, some poignant, all very well written. i'm looking forward to this again. it'll be a great challenge and, i'm sure, very inspiring.

we'll shift back to our usual three a week on the other side of this and i apologize if this throws off anyone's schedule.
(and if any of you would like to send in a guest post or two to give me even a little more time, i'd eat that up like a big bowl of frankenberry!)

as always, i welcome your comments and for those of you who'd rather not log in and register with blogger just to post a comment, feel free to 'e' me at

see ya friday!
smell ya later!


Brian said...

Hey Todd,

That sounds like an interesting play you're going to be working on. Wish you were a little closer distance wise, as it sounds like something I'd like to see.

Going to miss the monday, wednesday and five for friday schedule, but a two for tuesday with the answers on thursday would not be a bad substitute.

I'll have to put my mind to coming up with something to fill a little space here.

Russ Burlingame said...

When/where is the play going to be running? Maybe I can come check it out!

Scott Weinstein said...

That's exciting about the play. I can't wait to hear more about it.

portalcomics said...

I agree yesterday was a historic moment for all Americans regardless of race but having spent a significant time in the south, living and working in a predominently African-Amercian area I can appreciate the significance it meant for them. I was moved by the number of Black people who made the trip to DC carrying pictures and names of their family members who didn't live to see this day.

Someday history will tell us what kind of a President Barack Obama was but today he has given an entire nation something it desperately needs, hope for a better future for all of us.

and Todd, I may not always commment, but I promise I read your blog religiously every week! and Criag's when he manages to post something!!

Leanne said...

I don't have the guts to put a counter on my blog... I don't think I'd like the results!

Even if I don't always post, I still check the Perhapablog every week. I always look forward to it.

Congrats on the play! It sounds like a lot of fun. Shame I don't live closer or I'd totally be there to check it out.

Bill Nolan said...

My kids are spoiled. I volunteered with the Obama campaign locally, and, living in New Hampshire, that means we were not ignored by either campaign. Both my girls got to meet Barack Obama last year. My five-year-old met him twice and doesn't think there's anything out of the ordinary about that. She always says, "The next time I meet Obama..." Heh.

I'm very proud these days.