Friday, January 09, 2009

the wait is over! perhapanauts 5 is on it's way!


so, here we are.

it's official--perhapanauts 5 will be on stands at your favorite little comic book bodega this coming wednesday, january 14th!

this issue--entitled "divided we fall"--brings our first image five part story arc, triangle, to it's mind- and dimensions-shattering conclusion and ushers in an all-new era for our hapless haps! this'll be one to remember, folks! (like when people say, "oh, yeah! remember FF 48!" or "amazing 121 !" or "x-men 137!" now they'll add perhapanauts 5 to the roster! oh, yeah, also this is our first number five! we've had fours before, but this is FIVE!"

anyway, when you line up outside your lcs on monday night with your sleeping bag and your cooler full of hot pockets to cook over your little sterno grill, you'll be a step ahead of all the other crazed perhapa-fans because you'll know what to look for, 'cause the awesome cover, by the lovely and talented craig rousseau, looks like...THIS! V

okay, maybe you've seen that amazingness before...
but you haven't seen the stylish and foreboding flip cover by our pal, jason copland, yet, have you?

here it is!

jason also provides the artwork to this issue's back up story, "evaluation", with colors by chris summers!

it's 28 solid pages of perhapanauts action--there's not even room for a letters page!!

so join me, craig, rico, along with jason and chris next wednesday and tell your friends...!
this one's gonna hurt!


btw--has anybody been to the perhapanauts entry on wikipedia? my nephew told me that there was one there about a year ago (i checked it out and it was very brief...). but i just happened on it again the other day and, man, somebody has put a lot of time and effort into getting it together! it's not only beautiful, it's flattering! there are a couple of inaccurate items (like molly's familiars) but they are all based on early information that we put out there and then decided to abandon or postpone for story or sanity reasons. i don't know who did it--though i have my suspicions--or how you find that sorta thing out, but for your time and hard work and obvious passion for the book and the characters, thank you, thank you, thank you!


"five for friday!"

1. what major event happened in fantastic four 48?

2. what event took place in crisis on infinite earths #7?

3. what occurred in amazing spider-man #121?

4. thor #337 chronicled what cosmic event?

5. what tragic event took place in uncanny x-men # 137?

have a great weekend!
smell ya later!


Heywood Jablomie said...

hey hey hey!

glad to hear the issues out next week!! can't frikkin wait for it!!

i love those snowmen strips and your turtle was really cool from weds. post!

can't believe i actually know a bunch of these five-fers!

1. The Coming of Galactus!
2. Well not this one.....
3. Gwen Stacy died....
4. The first appearance of Beta Ray Bill(I just got done reading this the other day!)
5. The end of the Dark Phoenix saga w/ the 'death' of Phoenix(I'm almost done reading this storyline too)

Brian said...

Jason's cover is outstanding.

As for the five for Friday, particularly Spider-Man Vol 1. No. 121, the sun is out here, the train was on time and I was feeling good and then you have to go and remind me about poor, sweet, Gwen . . . Thanks a lot, PAL!

Seriously, though, very psyched about next Wednesday and a great idea for this weeks 5 for.

Anonymous said...

1. The introduction of Galactus (and the Silver Surfer). The greatest Lee/Kirby configuration in history!
2) The death of Supergirl. Classic Perez cover.
3) The Goblin tosses Gwen Stacey off a bridge. She does not survive.
4) Walt Simonson begins his legendary Thor run! (Oh, and Beta Ray Bill is introduced).
5) The death (of Shooter-assassination) of Phoenix.

Matt Wieringo said...

VERY much looking forward to this one. That cliffhanger in #4 was a doozie. Great covers guys! That Chimera is in big trouble.

Christian D. Leaf said...

That flip cover is creepily beautiful. Excellent work, Jason.

Can't wait for issue 5!

Chris said...

I can't wait for the final part of the first main arc!!!

I really hope you guys like the backup story. I had a great time coloring Jason's lines and the story is really good.

Jason Copland said...

Thanks for the kind words, everyone! I hope you dig the interior pages, too! I'm very excited to get this in my hands!

And a special shout out to Chris for making me look so good! Thanks, Mr. Summers!