Friday, April 24, 2009

doin' nothin'


gosh--i got this many months back from my pal, nick (awakening) tapalansky--a picture of the ever-adorable perhapa-pals by nick's then girlfriend/now fiance, jackie. i don't know how it got past me. maybe it was during the posts of my old christmas cards and i set it aside to post after alla that was done. i don't know...
what i DO know is that i owe jackie an apology and a huge thanks for these cute kids! saturday morning, here we come!

you can see more of jackie's artwork at

for my little pin-up exercise from the other day, mike estelle asked when and where i wanted y'all to send your entries and the answer is here! send them to me at

and i'll put 'em up here.

brian already pointed out his letter regarding the zombie circus pin-up from way back when. it's reprinted in the comments of the previous post for your reading enjoyment.

was calvin any more magical than when hobbes started training him to be a tiger...?

attend! your
"five for friday"

1. What is the real name of the X-Men's Storm?

2. What was the name of Dr. Mark Green's daughter on ER?

3. On 'The Honeymooners', what was the name of the fraternal order to which Ralph and Ed belonged?

4. What was the one substance that the original Green Lantern's power ring could NOT affect?

5. What is the first name of Peter Falk's Lt. Columbo?

i think my uncle forwards me every email he ever gets. many of them really appeal to seniors and sometimes i just don't get 'em. i thought this one was cute.

have a great weekend~!
smell ya later!


Matt Wieringo said...

1. Ororo Munroe
2. Rachel Green
3. Dunno.
4. Wood. (Heh.)
5. I SHOULD KNOW THIS! I friggin' love Columbo. There's a huge debate about this. I think it's Frank but probably not. It showed up on a blurry shot of his police badge, didn't it?

Brian said...

Here are my almost 5 answers.

1. Ororo.

2. Not Ororor

3. Water Buffaloes - or was that Fred and Barney?

4. It wasn't just anything yellow?

5. It should have been "just one more thing," but I loved the show and I don't think they ever said his first name.

Heywood Jablomie said...

my fiver-fer are as follows:

1. halle berry

2. Mr. Blue

3. Order of the Moose Knuckle

4. 7-up

5. Yoplait

I like that pic of the gang nice stuff!!!

Heywood Jablomie said...

just as a justification- i only knew 1 was ororo

forgot to throw that in there! ^_^

Jackie said...

Aww! Thanks, Todd- glad you liked the pic!
<3 Jackie
PS- I knew Ororo! It means 'Beauty' in her native language! Score one for me!