Friday, April 17, 2009

late, late, late...


why so late today, todd...? you might ask.

well, sharon and i just said goodbye to matt and suzanne wieringo who were here visiting for two and a half not-long-enough days! we had a great time with them, checking out the local sites, having some great meals (matt is in love with our local retro-diner) and just having some hilarious laughs! they brought us some very nice--not necessary, guys--gifts and even brought a cool stuffed, snorky hedgehog for jake (which he loves) and a catnippy mouse toy for kayla (which she just can't get enough of). jake and kayla love their uncle matt and auntie squeeze.

mostly we would end each sentence with "bitch, please." but matt's greatest line--and one that made suzanne, sharon, and i laugh so hard we peed a little--when suze showed us a photo from 1986 of matt, mike, and their parents (wearing clothes that we imagined were more circa 1975)
"we were poor. we didn't have money for your big, fancy 80's clothes."
killed us.

you're gone ten minutes but we miss you guys already...!


so not a lot to write today and i'm gonna hafta skip the "five for..." as i need to get caught up on some work and go see my friend blair's play tonight; a production of oscar wilde's "the importance of being earnest."

in the meantime, did you know that the perhapanauts trade finally came out this wednesday?!! i didn't. but it's out and it's huge and it makes a great gift and you should really go out and getcha one...! or two...!


and if that doesn't make this week in comics all that much cooler, another gem hit the stands wednesday in the form of my first ANT-MAN story--MARVEL ADVENTURES SUPERHEROES no.10!!!

and if that cool clayton henry cover doesn't whet your appetite, marvel has been so kind as to post the first five pages for your previewing enjoyment! here's the link. hustle right over there and take a look!

i do have some...

1. who played richard m. nixon in oliver stone's nixon?

2. who played nixon in the poli-comedy dick?

3. who played nixon in ron howard's frost/nixon?

4. what was the name of the nixon family dog, invoked by the president in a speech geared to endear himself to the american public?

5. what four words did richard nixon utter in a flash cameo on the 60's nbc comedy laugh-in?

have a great weekend!
smell ya later!


Brian said...

Man, sounds like you guys had a great time with Mr. and Mrs. Best In Show. ;-)

I've got the Ant Man book, but the 'Haps trade, with that great Rousseau cover, did not make it to my LCBS. Amazon it is, I guess.

On to the five for friday.

1. ?

2. ?

3. Frank Langella

4. Checkers

5. Sock It To Me? (yeah, he said it like a question to my ears.)

Colin said...

1. Sir Anthony Hopkins

2. Dan Hedaya

3. Frank Langella

4. Checkers

5. "Sock it to me"