Friday, January 15, 2010

sketchbook: erik's dragon and naked fat guy running!


all i really remember is that we were in detroit. i'm not sure what year, maybe '97? mike and i were still doing sensational spider-man...but i do know that motor city con organizer gary bishop had flown us out for his novi show and that erik larsen was one of the other guests. i hadn't met erik before but i had read all of his spider-man stuff and was diggin' on the savage dragon and so when we got a chance to hang together i was still a little star-struck when i asked him if he'd wanna draw me a pitcher. we were all going to be having dinner together (the thing about the novi show was that there was only one hotel near the convention center and only one restaurant--the one in the hotel--so, there ya go...) there were a bunch of us going to dinner--i think that's where i met kelly yates too. kel?--and about 8 or 9 of us sat at this big round table and i sat next to erik. we all gave the waitress our orders and erik turned to me and said, yeah, gimme that sketchbook, and we all watched in awe--and with some curiosity--as erik drew this wonderful dragon piece for me. see, the weird thing about it is that erik holds his pencil like other people hold chopsticks--it's both bizarre and fascinating. the other crazy part of it was that he started this magnificent sketch...with dragon's right forefinger...and worked his way BACK!?!? it was amazing to watch and, considering just how freakin' awesome it turned out, something i just had to share.
it took him, maybe, 10 minutes.
when he handed the book back, this is what i got.
i had to pass it around the table twice, everyone was just in awe.

dinner took forever to come.
we were all telling stories and that helped to pass the time, but finally erik's patience was running out and he said, gimme that book again.
whaddaya gonna do this time, i asked.
a naked fat guy running, he said.
and he did.

this took maybe 5 minutes.

(shortly after he was done, someone at the table mentioned that he'd left out a vital part of the anatomy and so he took the book back and added that bit. oddly enough, when i uploaded these pages for the post, they somehow managed to edit themselves very nicely. so i'm warning you here--if you don't wanna see this guy's thing, don't click that second page! just a warning...)

certainly one of the funnier pages in my book.
more next week!
smell ya later~!


Brian said...

I love stories like this.

Matt Wieringo said...

Yeah, great story. I'd love to see Larsen do a book in the style of that second drawing. So, now we've seen Erik Larsen's Thing. Have to say, Mike's was less gross.

I saw Steve Lieber draw a perfect illustration of a horse once, starting with a front hoof. Amazing to watch.

Warren said...

Too bad the service wasn't just a littttle bit slower. You might have gotten another drawing or two. :)

I'm really enjoying this sketchbook. Thanks for sharing. :)

Anonymous said...

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