Wednesday, June 02, 2010

christian's creature


so, while i was away, a whole bunch of things happened.
i'll post (kinda retro-post...) some of them over the next week or so.

first up, in cryptid news, is this article and photo that christian sent me early last week.


The strange and rather horrible-looking body of, er ... something ... was found in Big Trout Lake up in Northern Ontario. No one quite knows what it is, but guesses include various cryptids like the Chupacabra as well as more mundane beasts like a dead river otter, or possibly a bear cub.

Some locals say it could also be a semi-legendary omajinaakoos, a creature that apparently used to roam Northern Ontario eating beavers and otters ... or maybe that's just a myth, too. Cryptomundo is calling it the Bald Beast of Kitchenuhmaykoosib Inninuwug, which can't be right because that's way too long to be the title of a Syfy Saturday night monster movie.

Any guesses?

like the montauk monster of two summers past, this thing looks like it's suffered the unfortunate effects of being (partially) submerged. in, what...bleach? if you read the comments that go with the article you'll see that badgers and wolverines are favored as explanation and that, rightly so, queries as to why there's only one picture abound. i agree. and yet i can't stop looking and wondering and hoping that maybe this is some strange new unidentifiable creature that we've never seen before. maybe one that hasn't been able to be seen until just recently...

another thing that happened while i was taking my break was the oil spill which just sucks.
we are sheep, we are in the dark, and we HAVE NO IDEA how devastatingly horrible this is, how monumentally destructive this is going to be, how environmentally catastrophic and irreversible this is. we are being lied to and placated. the facts as to how destructive this spill is and it's far-reaching, long-term effects on our planet are being fed to us slowly, seeping out over time so that the horror of it becomes vague and everyday. comedians are making jokes about it.
and what will happen as a result? will we see the error of our ways and change our laws, our policies, our way of life? will we just say, as we always do, the ends justify the means? does it? at the cost of our oceans? our swamplands? our water? so that we have more oil? cheaper oil?
i don't know a lot, but i know a lot of people make their living along the gulf coast.
well...they did.


smell ya later~


Brian said...

Agreed on the gulf oil debacle.

It is painfully evident that BP had no plan or strategy. let alone a tested and reliable plan or strategy, for dealing with a blow out at this depth. Hard to fathom how the government could let them go ahead and drill at that depth in light of the company's utter lack of any plan for dealing with this type of disaster.

Also, from what I've heard about the memos that have come out, sounds like BP was cutting corners and ignoring warning signs in pursuit of the all mighty dollar.

It is, in a word, criminal.

alison said...

Hi Todd, Glad you're back--great photos of Jake--obviously a happy boy.

Thanks for the memorial day wishes. We spent it in GA with family, playing Yahtzee and eating pizza. Blessed freedom...

The oil spill is devastating on so many levels, but having a dh who relies on the coastal waters of PR for his livelihood, I can relate to what the Gulf Coast families are facing. Not good. I wonder if "they" are going to work on the hay idea--which had been used in CA at one point--successfully, I think.

Warren said...

Now, Todd...
You know that we can trust the oil companies. This leak isn't nearly bad as it looks. In fact --


~ Wendy ~ said...

LOL @ Warren.. ohhh something Shiny! ;)
It is very sad... I've been a bit outspoken about what it will do to the land, the people, the animals with some of the families I work with - I didn't realize how much so until the other day when one of the mom's said "I was watching the news about the latest BP leak in another location and thought - ought oh, Wendy must be having a cow right now!" .. ((sigh)) All I can hope is that we might, please, learn from this and prevent it from happening ever again.. (always the optimist).

Perhaps that poor creature is a result of all the chemicals and other crap we are putting into the land - and the air - and the water - a mutation due to waste and by-products being dumped.. After all, we don't have to worry about that - our children will.. right?

(time to go think about relocating to that secluded cabin in the wyoming wilderness again...)

((hugs)) ~Wendy~
ps. Glad you are back!!

Matt Wieringo said...

I was in New Orleans last August. That town was just starting to crawl its way back from the devastation of Katrina. And now this. And this time they'll have lots of company. This is going to have lasting impact for decades to come and who know where that crap will go? It seems like every strategy BP tries is something that will enable them to salvage the oil. They're still thinking about how they can come out on top.

Don't get me started on all the poor creatures that will be destroyed once this stuff gets into the marshes which may be already happening for all I know.