Monday, June 28, 2010

jonah hex


months ago, when the first preview for it came out, my father said, "hey--you know what looks like it might be good...jonah hex." i said, yeah, and i hear that it's cleaving close to the comic book version too. and he said, oh, there's a comic book? and i said, don't you remember ever seeing me with some jonah hex comic books when i was a kid. and he said, you had so many--no, i don't remember any jonah hex.
so, i told him all about jonah and his origins as a comic book character back in the 70s, and how he's recently had a very successful revival and how he'd really dig the stories of a bounty hunter in the gritty old west.
and i brought him a few random issues a few days later and he ate them up.
loved them.

now, my dad says that he remembers reading a few comic books when he was a kid, superman's mostly, but that was it for his interest.
when i was a kid and fell so in love with them, he really couldn't be bothered, his comments revolving more around how much my comics might be worth someday.
when i got a job actually writing comics, well, he was proud--and is the one person in my life who i can say has read every comic i have ever written. he awaits the publication of each book, reads it, and gives me his feedback (almost always favorable...) and is more supportive of my writing career than anyone. period. not even my mom, when she was alive, and who was my cheerleader all my life, was able to read everything (she had trouble following some of the artist's storytelling...), but my father...his pride and support mean more than i can say.

so, we went to see jonah hex last night.
i have stated here in this blog and elsewhere that i, sadly, frustratingly, am a comic book purist and believe that they should use the comics as storyboards and just bring that sucker to life. i realize that that's not realistic and that if hollywood can be relied on to do anything, it's mess up a good thing. my dad has heard me lament about the changes and transmutations in many other comic book based films and has learned to wave me off, chilling me out with, yeah, but it was a fun movie.

so, i'm not giving anything away here when i say that in the first two minutes they show (their version) of how jonah got that horrible scarring on his face...and my dad turns to me and says (and i don't mind 'cause we're the only people in the theater...) "wait--i thought the indians did that. oh, they've ruined it already."
i laughed so hard...

yeah, they hollywoodized it. they filled it with gadgets and explosions and twisted his mythos all up in a knot.
josh brolin did a fantastic job as jonah--even under that restrictive make-up--meagan fox looked hot and all the actors played it well.

but it was a fun movie.
with dad.


five for friday!

chain reaction only two people played our chain reaction five for friday the other day, so maybe that's not one of the more popular variations of the game and we'll retire it for a while--though i thank both warren and brian wholeheartedly for jumping in and having fun with it--thanks so much, guys!

as i've said before, the following are the chains i initially came up with--but that doesn't mean that other's don't work. i was happy to see that between them, brian and warren provided all the answers...






smell ya later!


Brian said...

Glad to hear you guys enjoyed the movie as Ms. Fox does look awful cute in that outfit.

That said, I imagine I won't be seeing this until next summer on HBO as I so seldom get out to the movies these days.

Warren said...

Can't stand Megan Fox. Yeah. I'm one of those. When I saw Jonah Hex with twin Gatling guns attached to his horse, I lost interest right away. If I want to watch a Jonah Hex movie, I'll just keep watching Clint Eastwood westerns.

And on FfF, I liked the chain reaction, even though I missed so many answers (though the words I just threw in there were mostly only a letter or two away - weird).

JWA said...

Awesome story Todd, loved that.

Honestly, this movie was not on my radar and I think this summer's saving grace at the box office won't come until next month with INCEPTION!!! (and as far as superhero movies go, I think we've already seen the best this year has to offer, and I ain't talkin Iron Man 2!!!!)

Plus, has anyone really LOOKED at that Megan Fox pic??? I mean despite the obvious, of course she's bangin but 2 things the JMan noticed:

1) Look at the waist!!! Holy Moses!!! How did they squeeze her in there!?! I mean she ain't exactly the bootylicious thicky thick girl type or anything, but DAMN!!! That's a tight squeeze on that corset!!!

2) I don't know how many Perhapafans are Big Lebowski fans but that is clearly Walter Sopchak in the car's rearview mirror and they are cleraly having an exchange about Shomer Shabbos!!!

Matt Wieringo said...

JWA, nice catch on Walter! BIG LEBOWSKI isn't my absolute favorite movie but it's up there.

The trailer for HEX has me so disappointed I'm waiting for the Blu-ray. Even then...only if there's nothing better in my queue. And I have 400 movies in my queue.