Friday, December 03, 2010

j'ever have one of those weeks...?


well, i'm getting better.
this week, at least, i got two posts up.

this week was one of those weeks where i lost track of just what day it was. monday was monday and that was okay. but tuesday i went to the city (and had all kindsa fun. more about that in a minute.) and so all day wednesday i was thinking it was tuesday and all day thursday i was thinking it was wednesday. the only way i'm thinking today is friday is because i'm writing the blog. and i know it's not wednesday!

so tuesday i went to the city to drop off a stack of nick cardy original artwork with renee witterstaetter for the purpose of a new book we're doing on his artwork during his time in the war (that's WWII). i brought these pieces back from my trip to see nick this summer because most of them are oversize and need to be specially scanned for the book. it was lightly raining in the city on tuesday and so i had to wrap the package up in plastic to walk to few blocks from where i parked to renee's offices, but once i delivered my precious cargo, i took my time and headed uptown toward the marvel offices, listening to the audio version of the girl who kicked the hornet's nest on my ipod and stopping for lunch at a vietnamese restaurant (which they don't have too many of up here in my neck of the woods...)

i chose tuesday to make my trek 'cause i knew that my pal, jordan white, would be going to comic book club, the weekly comic book party/talk show/podcast at the people's improv theater (the PIT) in chelsea and that i could tag along. jordan also just happens to be my sometimes editor at marvel and he was nice enough to give me a the nickel tour of the new marvel offices. which are very nice. got to see several editor friends of mine too, so that was very nice.

so we subwayed back downtown to the theater where we were met by perhapa-pals scott weinstein and gino patti and settled in for some comic book club.
comic book club features writers/comedians/hosts alex zalben, justin tyler, and pete le page as the talk about comics and pop culture and hound a special guest each week. this week's guest was dan mcnamara, stand up and creator of the hilarious animated webcomic, the bear, the cloud, and GOD.

about 40 seconds each--go check some out at;,_The_Cloud,_And_God.html

the four of us went out for a drink and a bite to eat with alex after the show and then i headed home, promising myself that i have to get down to the city more often--i really had a great time! thanks, guys!

so, it's friday, right?


if you know anything about me, it's that i love to see nature in action and particularly storms on the go!
here are some photos that i swiped from yahoo of some seriously awesome-looking storms in action!

storm over phoenix, oct. 2010

thundercloud over manhattan, kansas, sept. 2010

thunderstorm, wellsville, kansas, june 2009

tornado, orchard, iowa, june 2008

okay. so i got an email from our good pal, roger ash the other day, just chattin', whaddaya up to?, that sort of thing. but roger was also nice enough to include a "five for friday", claiming that he'd been reading a lot of biographies lately, in particular, one about a famous wrestler, and had become enchanted with the magic of that profession. also that he has severely missed our weekly trivia quiz. hence the all-wrestling entry below. enjoy!
i do not know all of the answers for sure, so i'm hoping that roger will visit us monday with the answers. no?
thanks, roger!

1) This wrestler is mentioned in R.E.M.'s song "Man on the Moon" and recorded a song of his own, "Pencil Neck Geek."
2) This wrestler was govenor of Minnesota.
3) This wrestler was so large, his size could be considered "inconceivable."
4) This wrestler starred in John Carpenter's "They Live" and is currently trying his hand at stand-up comedy.
5) The wrestler wrote two children's books that were illustrated by comic artist Jill Thompson.

have a great weekend!
smell ya later!


Unknown said...

1 - Andy Kaufman
2 - Jesse "The Body" Ventura
3 - Andre The Giant
4 - "Rowdy" Roddy Piper
5 - Mankind, but blanking on his real name. Nice guy.

Brian said...

Sounds like you has a great time in NYC.

Now, on to a much over due 5 for Friday

1 - I too thought of the Inter-gender wrestling champ, Andy Kaufman as a "trick answer", but I'm pretty surehe didn't do the "pencil neck geek" song.

2. Couldn't "wrestle" his name out of my grey matter.

3. Andre The Giant via the "Princess Bride" reference.

4. I too have The Rowdy one and really liked that movie.

5. Mick Foley counts Mankind amongst the names he wrestled under, but I did not know he did any children's books

Adam Hutch said...

I alternately hate and love having those kinds of weeks. Lately everything's just kind of zipping by. Sounds like you had a blast down in "The City."

Warren said...

1 Hulk Hogan?
2 Jesse Ventura (Conspiracy Theory!)
3 Andre the Giant
4 Roddy Piper (My fave Carpenter movie, I think.
5 I didn't know this one until reading the other answers, so in fairness, I'm giving no answer here.

I'd love to see NYC someday. *sigh*

Heywood Jablomie said...

the answers i know on the five-fer are already up so i missed out there!

and i echo what adam said-things are flying by WAY too fast, as usual.

and those storm pics were awesome!!

Colin said...

1) Andy Kaufman
2) Jesse Ventura
3) Andre the Giant
4) Rowdy Roddy Piper?
5) Mick Foley

Fun fact: I went to high school with WWE champion John Cena.