Monday, February 28, 2011

come and see us in SEATTLE~! EMERALD CITY COMIC CON!!


so, all this weekend, i kept thinking, "man--aside from the answers to the 'five for friday!', i don't have anything for the blog for monday morning...! i mean, matt sent me three funny animal pictures (see below), but otherwise, what am i gonna talk about...?"

and then i looked at the calendar and realized, "oh, wait...i got TONS to talk about!!"

'cause it's a short week for me and craig, suckahs--'cause we leave (very) early this thursday morning for seattle and the emerald city comic con in an attempt to win the hearts and minds of a whole new batch of potential perhapa-fans! tryin' to extend the fan-base, as they say. we will have, as is standard in our travels, both of the perhapanauts trades--perhapanauts:triangle and perhapanauts:dark days! we will have perhapanauts pins and perhapanauts t-shirts available--as well as a very limited supply of all-new, available for sale for the first time anywhere, the awesome-cool perhapanauts hats...!
(awesome-cool perhapanauts hats will be available for order later this month!)

also making it's convention debut is our all new for 2011 perhapanauts convention banner!
these are the images that craig did specifically for this banner but i loved so much that we made the t-shirts! i love this banner and love craig's art and we will be releasing our second wave of shirts, featuring the rests of the team, later this spring! (yes, leanne--you can have the first karl shirt...)

and last, but certainly not least, what is fast becoming a tradition for us, sixth in a series, it's the Perhapanauts Emerald City Comic Con One-Sheet--this one featuring Arisa and Hammerskold and the Creature from the Dump...the Ingot! (not to mention some accompanying text which really has nothing to do with the gorgeous scene craig put together with breath-taking colors by our own mike thomas!! )
don't miss this!

and, of course, along with the hats, all of these items will be available here at the perhapa-store later this month for those of you not in the pacific northwest!

and if you are--come and see us at the show this friday, saturday and sunday at the washington state convention center!


some funny animal jpegs matt sent me...

(when i was about 6, i was playing hide and seek at my friend tommy's house and climbed into their washing machine out in the back vestibule. yeah, that's what i said. not dryer. washing machine. top loader, with the spindle in the middle. i was very flexible and skinny and could get into anything. anyway, it was tommy's father who found me and after getting mildly upset, brought me home and, after my parents got mildly upset, i was made to write "i will not climb into any washing machines or appliances" 25 times. i didn't even know what a appliance was--i thought it was the dryer. for years after, i referred to the dryer as "the appliance".)
(don't climb into appliances, kids.)

and my favorite...


"five for friday!"

1. home to an annual convention, riverside iowa is celebrated as the future birthplace of what fictional character?

james tiberius kirk

2. when first created, the SPCA was called the RSPCA. what did the 'R' stand for?


3. the u.s. is the only country to play bowling with ten pins. this was to get around a law banning what?

nine pin

4. what was the name of alexander graham bell's lab assistant?

thomas a. watson

5. name the actor~!
with the academy awards coming up this sunday, i thought it would be fun to play some movie match up.
below are listed three movies and it's up to you to name the actor that appeared in all three. ready? go!

a. raging bull, casino, jfk

joe pesci

b. the conversation, lucky lady, the quick and the dead

gene hackman

c. hooper, lucky lady, deliverance

burt reynolds

d. trading places, driving miss daisy, neighbors

dan ackroyd

e. pillow talk, the man who knew too much, the pajama game

doris day

i guess i did have a lot to write...
smell ya later!


Jason Copland said...

Seattle!!! See you guys there! Oh, I have a photo of me in my 'Haps hat... I'll send it to you... :)

Brian said...

Man, that Karl on the banner kicks butt.

Have a great time in Seattle guys. Wish I was going, but got to work.

Heywood Jablomie said...

man all the swag looks awesome for this show!

i def want me one of them thar hats!!

Anonymous said...

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