Friday, February 25, 2011

james duncan's perhapanuts~!


man, this has been a week of artwork!
eric's classic comic cover on monday, jason's kill all monsters! on wednesday...
and today we have this comic strip from our pal, james duncan, that falls into the categories of both cute and awesome!

: )
thanks, james~!
that's the way to head into a weekend!


our pal, bob almond, is on a mission to let you know that there are some cool things up for auction on ebay to benefit the inkwell awards, the organization dedicated to recognizing excellence in inking in the comics industry! here's an item--and links for you to go bid on it--that is rather near and dear to our hearts...
you go, nate lovett~!

Forum message:

Donated by Nate Lovett at the 2010 Heroes Con to the non-profit Inkwell Awards, this pin-up, signed by both Nate and co-creator Craig Rousseau, was printed in Perhapanauts#6, which is also included with the OA and the comic is signed by Todd Dezago and Craig. No reserve, starting bis is $9.99

Direct auction link:


"five for friday!"

1. home to an annual convention, riverside iowa is celebrated as the future birthplace of what fictional character?

2. when first created, the SPCA was called the RSPCA. what did the 'R' stand for?

3. the u.s. is the only country to play bowling with ten pins. this was to get around a law banning what?

4. what was the name of alexander graham bell's lab assistant?

5. name the actor~!
with the academy awards coming up this sunday, i thought it would be fun to play some movie match up.
below are listed three movies and it's up to you to name the actor that appeared in all three. ready? go!

a. raging bull, casino, jfk

b. the conversation, lucky lady, the quick and the dead

c. hooper, lucky lady, deliverance

d. trading places, driving miss daisy, neighbors

e. pillow talk, the man who knew too much, the pajama game

have a great weekend~!
smell ya later!


Anonymous said...

Robert DeNiro
Gene Hackman
Bert Reynolds
Dan Ackroyd
Doris Day

Brian said...

Great strip, great pin-up, great way to kick off the weekend.

Ok, on to the five.

1. "No, I work in space, I'm from Iowa." - James T. Kirk.

2. Royal

3. No idea.

4. "Watson, come here, I need you." - A.G. Bell.


A. Joe Pesci

B. Gene Hackman

C. Burt Reynolds

D. Dan Aykroyd

E. Doris Day

Heywood Jablomie said...

man great artwork by everyone this week. thanks for the heads up on the auction, that's a cool pic of the gang. i'll see what i can do to win it.