Wednesday, August 09, 2006



there are times when i come here with absolutely nothing to say. and then, when i get to the bottom, i look back and am amazed at how much nothing i actually said.

like, today; i really don't have a topic to discuss, a story to tell, an agenda to further.

about a week and a half ago i got hooked up with hi-speed cable. i had been on dial-up since the cavemen invented hand-held calculators. i have since been going in a million different directions checking out new music--i've easily spent $100 at itunes, which i couldn't do before 'cause the connection was so bad--new videos and funny clips on youtube, and upgrading all my files so that i can plugged in to the art side of the perhapanauts, doing the lettering with craig and seeing in faster and higher resolution the beautiful colors rico lays down on each page. things have moved faster in the past two weeks around here than in years--prob'ly since i got my computer in the first place!

and i'm learning a lot.

and having a lot of fun!

so i was watching the pop culture championship on vh1--and doing quite well, i might add!--and easily got drawn into 'i love the 70's' and saw a commercial for this OTHER show they've got called 'the best week ever'. i didn't watch that show. but i did see a clip of a cool new video by OK Go and i'm thinkin', "wow! that looked cool, i'll hafta catch that if they show it again." and then i realize, 'ha ha, idiot! you got hi-speed!' and i hi-speed it over to the computer, google OK Go video and i see that i can see the video on their myspace space. so i go there and dig, not only that video, the one for 'here it goes again' where they're on the treadmills, but the 'a million ways' vid with them in the backyard that it seems everybody is doing a version of! then i run over to itunes and buy the album not only 'cause the videos are good (i've done that. stupid.) but 'cause i really dig the tunes as well.
so when i tell ringo about this, he tells me that he's putting a myspace page of his own together and that i should too, not just to keep him company or 'cause we usually do a lot of the same stuff, but to have another place to show our stuff and maybe get a few more people interested in tellos. and the perhapanauts.

so i've got a myspace space now.
you can go see it if you want.
it's at
mostly, it's just gonna re-route people back here to read this, so...

so, now i'm being inundated by people i don't know (mostly) who want to be my friend. virtual friend, i guess. okay...but this one girl invites me to be her friend and i check out her myspace page and SHE'S GOT MUSIC! cool! i wish i could do that! oh, wait...i CAN! so i put the song 'here it goes again' by OK Go on my page! (Mike pointed out that, after the novelty of it, it gets a little irritating...and i've found it can kinda scare ya if you don't know it's coming. you click on this page and suddenly the music kicks in, BAM!) i'm not sick of it yet. it's fun! and by the way, the tune on that girl's page was this fun song called 'requiem for o.m.m.' by of montreal and i went to itunes and bought that right away too!

so, i'm in. i'm hooked up. i'm part of it.

hopefully, i'll be much faster and consistent with these posts.

now, i really hafta get to work. i've allowed myself a little playtime the past two weeks as i get used to it, but now i've gotta make it make my life easier. and my work faster.

smell ya later!

stay cool!


Brian said...

Welcome to the 21st century my friend.

todd said...

yeah, but where's my jetpack...?

Rich Faber said...


You're the oldest kid I know! =)

Your enthusiasm for "new" always makes me smile.

And by the way more than 3 people read your blog. There's 4, including me. I think you're confusing your number of readers with mine... and that includes my family... ;-)


todd said...


no, i was counting you... : )
and i hit your site last week, but didn't have time to comment. sorry. i'll be better.


start up a new one--it was so much easier this time!
call me if ya need any help...

Brian said...


Your jet pack's in the trunk of my flying car sitting on top of that cheap renewable energy source that made them both possible.


Of course the jet pack is actually WWII era technology and well before that we had automobile's that ran on a cheap renewable energy source - water. But the internal combustion engine played VHS to the Stanley Steamer's Beta and the water powered car went the way of the dodo bird.

todd said...


what a world this would be if only...