Thursday, August 31, 2006

finals and such


below is the list of submissions, nominees, call them what you will in our "cast the perhapanauts movie" challenge. since this was just for fun, just among ourselves, i'm not gonna press for a final list to laminate and keep in our pockets--i think it's cool just seeing who thought what. this way no one who participated--or the actors that they chose--will have their feelings hurt. 'cause that's what i'm all about.
however if, when they do make the movie, they use all of the suggestions I chose...?
ha ha!
suck it!

perhapanauts casting call

Arisa Hines
Desiree Casado
Rosario Dawson
Michelle Rodriguez
Gina Torres

Molly MacAllistar
Kristen Bell
Ann Hathaway
Blake Lively
Rachel McAdams

James Marsden
Edward Norton
Tim Olyphant
Tom Welling
Shane West

Tyler Mane
Ron Perlman
The Rock
CGI with the voice of
Kelsey Grammar
Dennis Haysbert
David Morse

CGI with the voice of
Todd Dezago
Billy West

Peter Hammerskold
Damian Lewis
Neal McDonough
Ray Stevenson
Bruce Willis

The Chief
Mitch Pileggi
Bruce Willis

Joann DeFile
Rachael Harris
Rosemary Harris

Guy Meara
John Goodman

Angus T. Jones

however you mix them up, it looks like it'd be a great movie!

as for something new to talk about, i guess it's no surprise that with the trade coming out in a couple of weeks and the new series launching right on the heels of that, craig and i have been pretty much eating, breathing, and sleeping perhapanauts lately. not to let the momentum slow down even in the slightest, a month or so ago, craig commissioned a friend of his, andrew wiernicki, to do a sculpture of everybody's favorite goatsucker, the choopie.
andrew has done some truly stunning work, which you can glom at and has kept craig (and me!) abreast of the progress as he's brought our choopie to three-dimensional life! take a look!

amazing, right?! andrew has also done characters from brian michael bendis and michael avon oeming's "powers" and from mike oeming's "hammer of the gods" which can be seen at his site, as well as superman, kamandi, and the hulk! all of which look SO COOL!

needless to say, as soon as i saw andrew's incredible work on choop, craig and i started dreaming about having him do the whole team and the possibility of having casts made to make them available to everyone. unfortunately, it's kinda pricey unless you're doing, like, a LOT of them. so i guess, if you're really, really gonna want one and you don't want it to be super expensive, get more people to read the perhapanauts. that way more people will want the statues and they won't cost as much.

oh, and here're some more pictures as andrew got farther along.

i'll be posting photos of the progress and the process as choopie comes to life!
great job, andrew! thanks!

smell ya later!


Brian said...

Neat choopie statue, thanks for sharing the picks Todd.

As for getting more folks turned on to the Perhapanauts, I've mentioned that Issue No. 2 of the second mini is solicitated in the new previews so I figure that combined with the 'Haps mania which is sure to sweep Baltimore once the gathered thongs get their hands on those Choopie butt cards, ought to get the circulation up.

Jason Copland said...

That is awesome! I've never been one for those sculpture things, but that is one kick butt figure!

todd said...

dude, you said "thongs"...
please tell me that that was a freudian slip--that is AWESOME!
"butt" card...
heh heh! ; )

Brian said...

Clearly a Freudian undergarment of some type.

Looks like another one of those happy accidents that I have every now and then.

Once back in high school I had an ancient greek history text with a clay sculpture of someone I believed was Aristotle on the cover. I thought it would be funny to ask Mrs. Evans, my very cool home room teacher, if she thought the sculpture was clay or playdough just because "playdough" sounds funny. Well, turns out the sculpture was actually of Plato, not Aristotle, so Mrs. Evans thought it was making a groan inducing, semi-clever, pun.

Hey, I'll take my laughs anyway they come.

todd said...

that's great! : )
you didn't even know you were a genius!

we have to be in the same room for me to tell you of my high school history misunderstanding...

Brian said...

Baltimore it is then. Just you, me and a few thousand of our close personal friends.

todd said...


Anonymous said...

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