Sunday, August 20, 2006



i said two blogs back (in an entry that was quickly overshadowed by the announcement of that dog/hyena/tiger thing...) that i had a file of photos that, when i'd first seen them, had made me smile, laugh, cry, etc. and though i realize i'd used some of 'em here in the past, i would trot out a couple of the funny--and maybe slightly provacative--ones and maybe you'd get a kick out of 'em too.

at least a maybe a smile outta one of them.

this is from the sub-set, "you shoulda seen the look on his/her face...".

more later!


Jason Copland said...

While all are funny.... that last one made me laugh out loud... which is pretty tough to do.

More! More! More! :)

Kojee said...

Wow.....Is that Harry Potter?

todd said...

yeah, harry and ron are coppin' a feel...

isn't that wrong in so many ways...?