Thursday, August 24, 2006

perhapanauts casting call: 2


as i expected, the only people to get involved so far have been my loyal boyz--brian, kojee, jason, and scott--thanks, guys! but we're still taking nominations, so don't hold back! post a comment or 'e' me with your picks! this is really a lot of fun!
and craig promised that he'll log in with his thoughts as soon as i unlock the chain to his drawing table...

i tried to do some web design and place some pics i nicked from IMDb--and they just went all over. sorry.
but here's what we got so far...

Kojee said...
My perhapa-cast:

Choopie: I guess he'd have to be CGI..

Molly: Angelina Jolie!!!!(hehe)

Arisa: I don't know her name, but she was the young dark-skinned lady in SWAT. Michele Rodriquez maybe?

Big: Ron Pearlman or Tyler Mane.

MG: Todd Dezago

Peter Hammerskold: Bruce Willis

"Guy"(from #1): John Goodman!!

22 August, 2006 11:43

Scott Weinstein said...

Molly = Rachel McAdams

Big = The Rock (but, done by CG through motion capture, like Gollum)

MG = Edward Norton

Arisa = Rosario Dawson ( although, I heard Todd suggest this a while ago, and I think it's perfect)

Choopie = CG character, but motion-captured and voiced by Todd.

22 August, 2006 15:05

Brian said...

You're already aware of my choices for the $200 million dollar budget, so here is my slightly more realistic cast.

Arisa - Rosario Dawson

Molly - Ann Hathaway

Big - Voice of Kelsey Grammer

Choopie - Voice of Billy West

MG - Tom Welling

Nix - Angus T. Jones (Two and a Half Men)

Joann DeFile - Rosemary Harris

Hammerskold - Ray Stevenson (HBO's Rome)

22 August, 2006 20:38

Kojee said...
Billy West as Choopie! haha!

24 August, 2006 07:22

todd said...
okay, here's my thoughts on this;

arisa: rosario dawson

molly: not sure. but i saw 'accepted' last night with my dad and justin's girlfriend was played by a girl named blake lively who had a 'molly' moment or two...
oh, wait--i remember rachel mcadams! yeah! yeah! nice one, scott!

big: cgi and i'm thinking voiced by david morse

mg: i hadn't thought of tom welling and i really like that. prior to that i was thinking maybe shane west from 'er' and 'league of extraordinary gentlemen'. (which sucked.)

choopie: cgi and i've always just thought that i could do the voice. but billy west...!

hammerskold: i was thinkin' neal mcdonough or damian lewis from 'band of brothers'. i think they're both great actors so i can't decide which.

the chief: bruce willis

joann defile: though she's really too young for the character, i keep thinking that rachel harris--on 'vh1: i love the 70's' and, like, a kabillion commercials--would do her up right.

guy: love john goodman for that! good call kojee!

dr. das: m. night shaymalan

dr. o'neil: john mahoney

jiggs and tuggle:...


24 August, 2006 11:42

so, whaddaya think?
post your nominees in the comments section or 'e' 'em to me at
let us know whatcha think!


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