Friday, August 04, 2006



i've been stalling the past few days, trying to get some info that i can break for you. y'know... i learned in journalism class that you don't report on something unless you can answer all the questions. i've got the who, what, where, why, and how...i just don't have the whens...

i've got some close to whens. i can tell you when-ish...

so here's what all's goin' on!

at wizard's chicagocon--which is going on as we speak. or rather, as i type. and probably as you read... anyway, dark horse will be making the big announcement that you, faithful (3) readers of this blog already know, that the perhapanauts are gonna be back for a second outing starting in november with issue 1 of PERHAPANAUTS:SECOND CHANCES!
unfortunately, craig and i are't able to make the convention this weekend, but if anybody is there at the 'dark horse special announcements of upcoming projects'panel, please yell 'woo hoo!' really loud for me when they say that.

another other cool thing is that jason, dark horse's new marketing guy, set up an interview for us with matt brady at newsarama!
that's one of the things that i don't know when...later today? tomorrow? anyway, i'll list it here when it finally comes up but check out anyway, and let us know whatcha think? i think that interview made me look fat...

so, after doing THAT interview, i was talking with our good pal, augie de blieck (jr) over at comic book resources (cbr) and he hooked us up with jonah weiland who also interviewed us and asked us TOTALLY DIFFERENT QUESTIONS! his interview will be posted at and again...i think it's today...i'll get back to ya...

i also did an interview about the new series a few weeks back with roger ash from westfield comics which will premiere in their catalogue and on their website simultaneously. like live aid. again, i have no idea when...

exciting, no...?


okay, okay, this i DO know.

craig has posted on the front page of the perhapanauts website (ummm... the ENTIRE FIRST ISSUE of the first series for those of you who have been enjoying the sound of my blog but have yet to dive into the crazy world of BEDLAM! it's up there! NOW! you can read it! Free! go right away! have fun!
lemme know whatcha think...

so to recap;
cool article on newsarama. don't know when. IT'S UP!!
great interview on cbr. don't know when. IT'S UP!
revealing story on perhapanauts:second chances in both westfield catalogue and on line. dunno when. IT'S UP!
announcement by dark horse at wizard chicago. sometime this weekend...? THEY DID IT! first thing today! woo hoo!
free perhapanauts #1 online. now! NOW! NOW! NOW! NOW!

as i said, i'll be updating later.
sorry for the vagueness.

and because i don't really have any cool pictures to post (that one above is a weird cloud formation [called a nacreous cloud]they spotted over australia...) i thought i'd post this email i got from my cousin. you may have seen it before and if you have, i apologize, but i definitely think it's worth seeing. and don't be a wus. make sure to look at the photo.

It's always awesome and a little disturbing to see nature at work.
Now, thanks to a photo from Nature Magazine, Inc., we're able to see it in full force.
One reason alligators can become so overwhelming in population in certain areas is because they have no natural predators. They are eating machines, and with a tough outer coating and great swimming ability, they generally get to fight on their own turf where they nearly always win. In this case a wild dog pack caught the gator on land, unable to make it back to his soggy home field. The dogs, working together as a team, managed to take the gator down. Note how the alpha dog, the leader, is holding onto the gator's snout to keep him from biting, while the others hold him down to keep him from rolling and thrashing. I won't lie to you, the picture is disturbing, and this page is set up in such a way that you'll have to scroll down to see it, in case there are any squeamish among you who don't want a peek.
Please, check this photo out before you clear your children or any minor to look at it:

i liked it.

have a great weekend!
smell ya later!


Scott Weinstein said...

I saw the Newsarama article. That was great. And I think Craig is right. The third series should be called Triple Lindy. I guess that's a diving move, but it also sounds like a sexual position. So, it works on lots of levels.

I'm going to check out the comic book resourses interview now.


Jason Copland said...

Cool! Great to see the Perhapanauts (and you and Craig) getting some much deserved ink! Well.... digital ink, I guess. ;)

Now, I've got to go read them all!

Anonymous said...

Great post Todd! I wish I were at Chicago too.. I'd give the book a woop...

AND thank you SO much for sending those postcards, they rock!!!!

Brian said...

Great interviews Todd. Glad to see something besides the big status quo changing cross over events at the big two getting a little attention from the comic
world's Webanauts.

Kojee said...

Great to see Perhapanauts in the news! Can't wait for Second Chances!!! Finally, a reason to go to my comic shop again....

todd said...

thanks you guys, for the congrats and the support!
i was gone for, like a day, and came back to all these great comments!
and jason, thanks for the nice post over on the newsarama board!
hopefully, this will give us a little more attention and give the 'haps a third chance...
thanks again!
you guys are the BEST!