Tuesday, August 22, 2006

kojee's challenge


so, i'm talkin' with jared--our pal kojee--this morning via myspace; the pop culture phenom that we've all agreed we'll have forgotten about in 6 or 7 months--and the subject of casting the perhapanauts live action movie (big, choopie, karl, and whatever monsters show up to be done in s.o.a. cgi...), a game we used to have fun with back on the old tellos message boards. (not casting the perhapanauts. they weren't around yet...) this discussion was prompted by an outrageous letter we got from our own (add hilarious to that resume) brian mulcahy, which will appear in 'haps:second chances #2.
among others.

so here's the deal. send in your nominations and we'll see what we can do about putting together a kick-ass cast 2 full years before they even announce that they're making a movie!!

now i can hear a lot of you saying, "but we can't write in 'cause we don't wanna go through all the hassle of signing up just to comment." and i feel ya. i totally sympathize. but as always, i'm gonna say this; please feel free to send in your choices to me via e-mail to . include your name if you want or they can be anonymous and confidential.

let's do this!
get involved--you know you want to!
(and i KNOW there are a lot of you reading this who--for one reason or another--don't write in. c'mon! help us out! now's your chance!)
can't wait to hear what you think!

do it now!

that's it.
smell ya later!



Kojee said...

My perhapa-cast:

Choopie: I guess he'd have to be CGI..

Molly: Angelina Jolie!!!!(hehe)

Arisa: I don't know her name, but she was the young dark-skinned lady in SWAT. Michele Rodriquez maybe?

Big: Ron Pearlman or Tyler Mane.

MG: Todd Dezago

Peter Hammerskold: Bruce Willis

"Guy"(from #1): John Goodman!!

Scott Weinstein said...

Molly = Rachel McAdams

Big = The Rock (but, done by CG through motion capture, like Gollum)

MG = Edward Norton

Arisa = Rosario Dawson ( although, I heard Todd suggest this a while ago, and I think it's perfect)

Choopie = CG character, but motion-captured and voiced by Todd.

Brian said...


You're already aware of my choices for the $200 million dollar budget, so here is my slightly more realistic cast.

Arisa - Rosario Dawson

Molly - Ann Hathaway

Big - Voice of Kelsey Grammer

Choopie - Voice of Billy West

MG - Tom Welling

Nix - Angus T. Jones (Two and a Half Men)

Joann DeFile - Rosemary Harris

Hammerskold - Ray Stevenson (HBO's Rome)

Kojee said...

Billy West as Choopie! haha!

todd said...

okay, here's my thoughts on this;

arisa: rosario dawson

molly: not sure. but i saw 'accepted' last night with my dad and justin's girlfriend was played by a girl named blake lively who had a 'molly' moment or two...
oh, wait--i remember rachel mcadams! yeah! yeah! nice one, scott!

big: cgi and i'm thinking voiced by david morse

mg: i hadn't thought of tom welling and i really like that. prior to that i was thinking maybe shane west from 'er' and 'league of extraordinary gentlemen'. (which sucked.)

choopie: cgi and i've always just thought that i could do the voice. but billy west...!

hammerskold: i was thinkin' neal mcdonough or damian lewis from 'band of brothers'. i think they're both great actors so i can't decide which.

the chief: bruce willis

joann defile: though she's really too young for the character, i keep thinking that rachel harris--on 'vh1: i love the 70's' and, like, a kabillion commercials--would do her up right.

guy: love john goodman for that! good call kojee!

dr. das: m. night shaymalan

dr. o'neil: john mahoney

jiggs and tuggle:...


Night Wise said...
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Night Wise said...

Hey I'm a friend of Kojee's (a.k.a. Jared), he let me borrow his issues of "The Perhapanauts" a few months back and I gotta say I Loved it!!! I can't wait to get the graphic novel!!! Anywho Kojee told me that there was a possible movie in the works and that you were looking for ideas on who should play who in the movie. So he thought I should give my two cents, since I am a huge movie buff.

My Perhapanauts-Cast:

Arisa: I am thinking Gina Torres who played "Zoe" in "Serenity" would be perfect in this role.

Big: I would have to agree with Kojee on picking Ron Pearlman to play "Big". I think he wouldn't complain about wearing a costume and he just (to me) seems to fit the part.

MG: This to me is an obvious choice (to me, again!)only because "MG: and James Marsden (Cyclops in X-Men) look so damn a-like. So I would have to say James Marsden as "MG".

Molly: Kojee told me that you might laugh at my choice for Molly. I think that Jessica Alba would be perfect as "Molly".

And now for my favorite member of the team......

Choopie: I say for Choopie he should be CGI, but not all the time but for those really close up shots you should use a puppet and only use CGI when it absolutly necessary.

Well those are my pics for the cast of "The Perhapanauts" Movie...

Later, Night Wise

todd said...

great picks, night wise!

thanks for joining in!

i'm a huge firefly fan, craig too, and i can't believe i overlooked gina torres. she's an aawesome actress. and i loved james marsden in superman, but as i told kojee, i mighta liked him more in that 'cause we could finally see his eyes!

thanks again!