Wednesday, August 16, 2006

moons and stuff

north pole moon


every once in a while someone will send me a photo that makes me smile. or sad. or laugh out loud. or drop my jaw in amazement. these last are usually spectacular shots of the earth or the elements or nature.

a post or two back was one of those that i picked up offa yahoo of a nacreous cloud--some rare super-stratospherical anomaly high over australia (my friend eddie lives in australia). views like this just leave me in awe at the truly beautiful world we live in and so i thought i'd go through my files and throw up a few more just to share some of that for those of you inclined.

moon over athens

see, last winter was really long for me--it seemed longer and colder and darker and just...endless. and as winter turned to spring i realized that that was prob'ly my fault, 'cause i really hadn't done anything last SUMMER to keep me warm throughout the winter. you know--SUMMER things!

jake in the grass

so this year i promised myself that i'd get outside more. two long walks for jake everyday instead of just one! i'd go swimming (i realized that i hadn't been in 2 years--and i LOVE to swim!) i'd go hiking up in the catskills, again something i used to do a lot of but hadn't for a while. camping! theme parks! water parks! the county fair! drive-in movies! i'd go to the ocean! lay in the grass! play in the stream with my niece and nephew (actually MOST of these things i've been doing with my niece and nephew)!


and i've been doing them. haven't been camping yet, but summer isn't over. the fair starts next week so i'll hit that then. but i can cross off just about everything else on the list.

and so can you.
summer isn't over.

so that's my reason for putting up these pictures. i didn't take all of 'em but they make me wanna enjoy the outdoors, and the world, and summer.

mom's garden

this winter i'll have lotsa good memories to keep me goin'.

hope you will too!

scared slide

smell ya later!

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