Friday, December 29, 2006

goodbye to 2K6! hello 2007!!


the holidays can be a time of great reflection for many people and, sadly, i think that has a direct relation to why so many people get so depressed about now. looking back on an entire year, sometimes it's hard to see all the high points and accomplishments and all the good times. things can look kinda sad.
but, to quote a line from the amazing (except for the last 10 minutes) james cameron film, "the abyss", "you have to look with better eyes than that."

this year was a particularly good one for you and you know it!
okay, go ahead--list for me the three BEST things that happened to you in 2006...
take a minute if you need it--i'll wait...

i'm not kidding! don't just keep reading--THINK OF THEM!!!

there, ya got three?

that wasn't so hard , was it?

betcha can do three more...

easy, right?

here's some things that i got to do.

i got to go see saturday night live--TWICE!! thanks to my pal, scott. (THANKS, SCOTT!)
i got to go to the conventions in charlotte and baltimore with my pals and partners, craig and mike!
and scott in charlotte!
and brian in baltimore!
i got to go swimming and dick around with my nephew a few times this summer.
i went exploring up a stream with my niece and nephew.
i got to have sushi many times.
i got to see the second half of the first perhapanauts miniseries published in the first part of the year and the first part of the second perhapanauts miniseries published in the second part of the year.
i got to go for a walk and play with my dog, jake, everyday.
i made a lot of new friends and a couple of great ones.
i got to play volleyball on a pretty regular basis.

and, though this should be at the top of the list but is at the bottom to surprise her, i got back together with sharon and have spent hours and hours and days hanging out with her and that's the best of them all! thanks, shar!

for 2007, my resolution is really the same one i make every year--to be a better person. to treat people with more kindness. to understand that life is about making mistakes and hoping that i'll have the patience and insight to stop and learn from mine.

i wish you all the best in the new year!
thanks for reading this and for reading the perhapanauts!

now here are some goofy pictures to lighten this freakin' blog up...!

also, a few weeks ago i ran our own brian mulcahy's perhapanauts script/story, "down in the dump".
in looking for someone who might want to do a few illustrations for it, we talked with michael kasinger, who was thrilled at the possibilities. fortunately for him, (unfortunate for us) just as he was beginning his illos, michael was tapped to work on another comics project and so had to put this one on the shelf. not wanting to leave us empty-haned though, michael just sent us this black and white cover/pin-up of choopie! here are the black and white and the colored versions! great job, michaeal! thanks so much for the great pic to kick off the new year!!

okay. that's it for me.
wednesday's gonna be all about perhapanauts:second chances #3--don't miss it!
and once you've had a chance to read the story, check out the "inside look" i wrote to go with it over at

i gotta go!
smell ya later!


Brian said...

Funny, meeting new friends, getting to hang out with you and Craig and the boys in Baltimore and writing a Perhapanauts comic were near the top of my list as well, although at the very top was getting to spend another year with my two legged gal, Carol Ann, and my four legged gal Sabrina.

Glad to hear 2006 was a good year for you and best wishes for a happy, healthy and prosperous new year in 2007.

As for the Choopie illustration, how cool is that, and in color too. A great way to end 2006 and kick off 2007.

Scott Weinstein said...

Happy New Year, everyone!

The Choopie illustration looks great. I wish there were more for Brian's story.

Here are a few good things that happened to me in 2006:
- Continued good health for my family, friends, and cat.
- Finally got my comic finished (one issue at least)
- Got to hang with Todd, Craig and Mike at Heroes Con, which was crazy good times. And added a new depth to my love of comics.
- Was in the wedding of two of my best friends.

There are other things, but these are the biggies.


todd said...

thanks for sharing those, scott!
that was the idea, but i guess i didn't really ask for it in the blog like i did in my head...
oh, well...

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you all!

Good things that happened to me in 2006, eh? Hmmm.....

- I got to hear my boy say his first word (Woof!)
- I went to my first San Diego Comic Con
- I got my co-created comic picked up for publication by Silent Devil
- I got a chance to contribute to a few other comic projects that will show up in 2007
- I completed a full year of not drinking any pop (which is huge for me, as I use to drink a lot of pop before)

All in all, a pretty decent year.

Although, sadly, I haven't had the chance to hang with Todd. Maybe one day I'll make it out that way...

Wishing 2007 will be an even better year for you all!

todd said...

dunno what this "pop" is that you're talking about. is that all over canada or just in bc? in the states, pop is more a mid-west term.
me, i drink soda. and lots of it. i'd like to cut down. i've tried. but i don't drink coffee and i need the caffeine. so drink soda. lots of it. and since it's my only vice...
when you and i finally get that chance to hang, jason, i'll buy ya a soda.
and you can not drink it.

Brian said...

In my neck of the woods we used to drink tonic. Which, for most people, is something you put on your hair.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, by "pop" I mean carbinated sugar beverages, like Coke and Pepsi.

I'll gladly not drink the soda you buy me, Todd. ;)

I have almost had a few moments of weakness, though. I told myself that I am able to have one soda drink a year (my birthday), but I'm afraid to have that "one" drink, as I know myself pretty well, and I wouldn't be able to stop at that "one" drink.

I also don't drink coffee, which makes me one of about 4 people in BC that don't. Seriously.

Brian said...

You might give tea a chance. A little earl grey hot - in honor of Capt. Jean Luc Picard - or some english breakfast tea in the morning hits the spot and it's good for you to boot what with all those anti-oxidents.


P.S. Less than 24 hours till Perhapanauts, Second Chances, No. 3