Tuesday, December 26, 2006

no good comics...


after racing around for a week and a half, buying presents, wrapping them, writing cards, wrapping them, unwrapping them--you don't wrap cards...i was really looking forward to being able to finally relax on christmas day. that was gonna be part of the magic, part of the pay-off. but , of course, THAT day is a bit hectic too. packing the car and going here and there to share in the magic of the day with family and friends and, yeah, maybe even a few people you don't really like.
none of that last for me--i had a wonderful day with everyone i saw and came home fully stuffed (the diet starts wednesday) and fully exhausted!
hope you did too! : )

and as we hang here in this lazy listless void between christmas and new year's, i really don't know what to write about. how thankful i am that i was ABLE to spend such a wonderful time with family and friends? too sentimental. that perhapanauts: second chances #3 will be out in stores next wednesday? too commercial. more trivia? well, that might be too exciting. i am gonna try to make that a regular event here though, 'cause i got the impression that it was fun for all. i enjoyed writing them and you all enjoyed answering them. maybe we'll do a "five on friday" kinda thing...

so i thought i'd point out--without dissing anyone currently in the business--that daily comics totally SUCK anymore, don't they?! i mean this is just my opinion, and i am wrong more times than not, but jeez! have these guys ever even read a classic peanuts strip? a dennis the menace one-panel? a calvin and hobbes?

now i don't read the paper and if you ever see me with one in my hand it's gonna be because i'm reading the comics. i used to do it all the time, back when there was something fun to read. but i've been looking the past few months when at my father's house and...come on...really?

are there any good comic strips being done these days? is it just me? am i in some cultural vaccuum where i'm just not being exposed to the cream of the crop? i get bc and the wizard of id on my yahoo front page everyday and they just hurt! (fortunately i also subscribe to a site that sends me 10, 12 year old calvin and hobbes strips that, as you can see, are funny STILL, after i've seen them each about 6 times!!)

schulz and watterson, kelly and hasen--are there no masters of the art like these guys working in the medium anymore? these were some clever, exciting, beautiful strips that made me race to the comics section in their day! is anyone reading something now that captures their hearts and imaginations like these guys did? i really wanna know.

i really hate to follow up such warm holidays and good times with a rant about something like this. i don't mean to seem unthankful or angry. i'm not. i'm just wondering what everyone else thinks about this and, who knows, maybe there are some strips out there that my paper just doesn't get, that i haven't been tipped to. so lemme know if you know of any, if you're reading something that really rates some attention or shows some potential in this area.

have a great day!
smell ya later!


Scott Weinstein said...

I'll agree it's pretty bleak on the comics page these days. But, it's not all hopeless. I still get a chuckle every now and then from Zits. Even though it gets repetitive. And For Better or Worse is comforting. It's not so much funny anymore. But, I've invested years in these characters, so it's fun to watch them grow. And I've heard the strip in ending soon, so I'll enjoy it while it lasts.

But, maybe the future of comic strips isn't in the papers. Let's not forget PvP.


Or Girls with Slingshots.


Brian said...

I'll give a big second to Girls With Slingshots as it is head and shoulders just about everything in the papers these days and Ms. Corsetto, who I had the pleasure of meeting and entertaining with my Boston Accent in Baltimore, is a hoot and a half.

As for worthy strips in the newspaper, I find that Arlo and Janis is an often funny and always dead on depiction of an adult married relationship. It's funny how often I see myself and Carol Ann in that strip. I also still enjoy Rose Is Rose, especially the Sunday color strips as the coloring on this strip is always top notch.

Happy New Year